Fortunes of War Respawns

I can understand why the respawn times for this map are suspended until the the lightning comes, however there have been multiple times where i’m trying to dodging through hoards of specials and if I stall long enough and go invisible the lightning triggers and my teammates respawn. It breaks my concentration, and I have to think of a life or death decision within 10 seconds or else specials, a hoard, and a boss come to do nasty things to my insides.

All I really want are for respawns to occur when every enemy is killed so it gives the player clutching time to cool off and it gives to team to recoup for the waves to come

If I’m not wrong, the reason that happens is because it is a safety-net that covers multiple cases.

Case #1 is if a creature gets stuck out of sight and can’t be killed the Fortunes of War map will just move the game forward. This means you don’t have to restart just because a Ratling Gunner got his backpack stuck on a scaffold.

Case #2 is if a player takes too long to work out the kinks in the issue; if you can’t clear out the bad-guys in time, they’re going to send in the next wave. Wiping on this event means either that the clutching player is playing too safe or the party nearly-wiped too early and the remaining player can’t physically clear the remaining wave before the next one arrives.

In both cases I think that it’s reasonable for the remaining player to have to contend with more difficult odds. To remove the feature would likely be worse than keeping it. Can you imagine a troll “clutching” a wave just to leave a rat alive and hold block up?


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