Crash on Fortunes of War


That crash happened before few times on Fortunes of War map (it was 6 round i think). It’s instant game closure, not even displaying crash window.

Attaching files (console logs and crash dump). Please check the last logs - last game was crashed.

console-2021-06-28-15.16.42-e5dce361-e0b6-4a61-846b-07c2e7eaf14f.log (955.1 KB)

crash_dump-2021-06-28-15.16.42-e5dce361-e0b6-4a61-846b-07c2e7eaf14f.dmp (640.6 KB)

Thnx for help.


@TheLiquor i think you were having a similar issue at the end of wave 6 beginning of 7


That sounds about right, I’ll be sure to save the next crash log and post it here if it happens again.

Sorry about that - we’ll investigate. Thank you!


Got some new logs. This time crash appeared in the end of a 2nd round right after killing a Chaos Spawn in the moment that i also died - played Sister of Thorn.

<<Script Error>>foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:26: Spawn state transition from spawned to spawned is not allowed<</Script Error>>
<<Lua Stack>>  [1] =[C]: in function assert
  [2] @foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:26: in function fassert
  [3] @foundation/scripts/managers/player/player.lua:46: in function _set_spawn_state
  [4] @scripts/managers/player/bulldozer_player.lua:317: in function spawn
  [5] @scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:545: in function _respawn_player
  [6] @scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:320: in function server_update
  [7] @scripts/managers/game_mode/spawning_components/adventure_spawning.lua:213: in function server_update
  [8] @scripts/managers/game_mode/game_modes/game_mode_adventure.lua:86: in function server_update
  [9] @scripts/managers/game_mode/game_mode_manager.lua:733: in function server_update
  [10] @scripts/game_state/state_ingame.lua:1031: in function hook_chain
  [11] @scripts/mods/vmf/modules/core/hooks.lua:180: in function update
  [12] @foundation/scripts/util/state_machine.lua:141: in function update
  [13] @scripts/boot.lua:904: in function game_update
  [14] @scripts/boot.lua:639:in function <scripts/boot.lua:637>
<</Lua Stack>>

In logs - last game.

console-2021-07-01-19.49.35-250c718f-d57b-46b8-9f80-51046a8273eb.log (1.1 MB)

crash_dump-2021-07-01-19.49.35-250c718f-d57b-46b8-9f80-51046a8273eb.dmp (647.8 KB)

Thanks @AwruK, I’ve added these logs to our database also :slight_smile:

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