Force sword push problem / Unnerf Psyker

Psyker is in a terrible place right now. Psyker should be a monster, as all classes should. Every time I log in it seems like the psyker is a little more nerfed. That it’s just not doing what it should.

I’d like to hear everyone else’s complaints about psyker, but to start with, the ult was MUCH stronger in closed beta. MUCH. It was something that was a joy to do, you could knock down a horde. That might be extreme for vermintide, but it’s right on for 40k where everything should be OP and over the top redonkulous powerful.

Psyker has only one variant of force sword,

(Off topic, but dueling sword model should be used for a class of powersword model and be on the vet as well… as a commissar powersword. D-ring hilt sabers are military swords, dueling swords is more the small sword. google “small sword.”)

And the thing used to be almost as strong a push as the ult is now. But what’s worse is the magic push… needs attention. Should be much strong, much wider, and it should NOT DO THIS.


It’s always such a let down to have your class ultimate ability not even knockdown a Pox Burster

Heck, it sometimes even fails to knockdown trash poxwalkers, they just flinch, it’s insane

It’s like they’re so afraid of making anything in the Psyker’s kit ever so slightly too good, they made sure everything is just bad and/or unsatisfying instead

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Yeah, the developer loop is “I have an idea for a thing which will be fun and the players will like.” Then when they do they go to “This works too well, the players aren’t doing the unfun things,” and they take it away.

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I enjoy playing psyker, and I don’t feel completely useless in III’s and IV’s. But 95% of the time, the group would be better off if I were playing my veteran. The vet is far better at finding, then killing specials. The vet’s boss DPS is an order of magnitude greater. And they’re sturdier.

Yes, the psyker can lock down groups of 5 armored elites at a time, which has some value. But that’s a pretty narrow niche, and only applies to one weapon.

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eh, stunlocking five and then another five and then another five is extremely powerful, but you’re right, it’s just one weapon. Wish they would make the bolts big bolts instead of small bolts.