Force staff vs shields

Not sure if this intended but it looks like the force staff basic attacks do almost no damage to a bosses shield “health” bar.

Along with all the other horrible nerfs to Psyker this makes us useless in assassinate missions if we have a staff equipped.

There is someone on the Fatshark team that hates 40k Psykers lol.

These changes happened AFTER the CBT. It appears all these changes were 100% intentional, makes you wonder who is in charge of making game decisions over there at Fat Shark.

Yep, total bull$$$$ in my opinion… guess I switch to Preacher. There goes getting to level 11 yesterday pointless.

Zealot is destroyed also. Play VET or Ogg they appear to be the least broken classes

Also Force basic attacks have horrible hit detection all the sudden. I’m watching my attacks pass right through moving targets. I can pull out a gun and it’s just fine.

Dont worry, everything will work by the 30th ! :rofl:

Waiting for the blog post about the “challenges” they faced after the CBT preparing for yesterday

Vet player here. Our ranged guns also seem to do no damage to the shield bar. My guess is we are intended to engage in melee to break the shield.

Not sure if you know this or not, but some more recent changes happened in a patch within the past couple hours. Many people are saying Psyker feels better now.