For the love of the God-Emperor - No funny neon cosmetics

I really don’t see how it’s not immersion breaking. It’s the same thing as a my little pony pulling the carriage in Skyrim.

so just a pig on someone’s had, which are plenty in the game you can kill, is as immerse breaking for you as god damn colored bright little ponies in a skyrim game…ok… not mentioning you can get it by only buying it, and in my 850 hours of play i never saw a person with it

i guess i will let this pictures speak for them self

What are you on about? Played both vt1 and 2.

These are the same image

I’m glad you never saw anyone with it, I saw atleast 7 people who had it.

And the way to get it doesn’t really matter, since that’s how it will be in darktide as well. Also that image is not a fair comparison, that’s a 20 foot tall my little pony, my example was more along the lines of a human height which is much less noticeable in game. And does not really matter anyways, we are argueing immersion breaking of which both of these things are.

I could give you another example if that doesn’t work for you, though I doubt anything will make you understand. The pig hat is like someone going into an office meeting with a pink plastic children’s tablet.

+1 to OP

I fully agree. Let the cosmetics be in-universe and immersive.

i’m beginning to believe, you don’t know what immersion breaking means…
You know this is a fantasy based game, i thought you might know that since you had to slaughter Ratmen, but the pig hat is actually a lore accurate thing. A silly one but lore friendly, it’s like saying that the chainsaw swords are immersion breaking because they actually would be impracticable, yet they are lore friendly.

What counts as immersive is subjective.

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Am I the only one who hears a distorted version of the Roblox “OOF” sound effect when an ally is downed? I hope it stays.

lol i guess so XD

Well said.