Am I The Only One Who Thinks

The Ogryn would look just dapper in a trilby or fedora?
Or 4 Ogryn in pinstripe suits, wing-tip shoes, and fedoras. :grin:
“Da boss sez we gonna kneecap yas”

Imagine this being 4 mobster Ogryn walking towards you. Rofl.


It would look sick. And given how V2 cosmetics looked it could even be possible!

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4 Ogryns together have some really fun dialogue.

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Please delete this thread before fatshark sees it and decides to spend a week making the cosmetic over actually polishing the game lol.

I assure you that the gameplay and cosmetic facets are worked on by different people.
In the cosmetics dept, I’d apply more urgency to reducing the amount of depilation all the headgear comes with.

Yes, you are the only person who thinks a trilby or fedora looks good, in any context. God Emperor, the only thing worse than a Heretic, Mutant, or Xenos is a hipster.