For a Melee Only Sienna Fueonnagus Career

Sienna is most caracterized by her Ranged ability, and would be the less inclined to have a melee only career (or a career that let you use 2 melee weapon)

At the moment Sienna doens’t has any special use of her weapon (eg: Saltzpyre using a Pistol with his Rapiere)

Those special use would be dependent on either the weapon or different trait and would work on a charge bar (inverted heat bar)

Using the Charge would deplete it, player would need to dalance between using it and losing it’s buffing effect or keeping it as high as possible and enjoying it’s buffing

Charge Bar ( Exaltation of Aqshy ):

From 0 to 100

0 to 30: Cold temper

Flame Dot have a lower base dmg (btw 50 and 80 % of the regular application)

No special use

30 to 80: Flames of Battle

Flame dot have the same amount of Dmg per tic as normal (100 to 120)

Special Use but at low dmg

80 to 100: Aqshy’s domain

Flame Dot have a higher dmg per tic (120 t0 150%)

Special Use but at a higher dmg

Base trait (Passive and Active)

Exaltation of Aqshy : Sienna can’t have ranged weapon but has an inversed Heat bar that change her Flame Dot

Heat goes up on either dmg or on Flame Dot application (still undecided)

Aqshy’s Reverence : All weapon do Flame Dot

Flaming Presence : Sienna’s damage and speed is dependent on Exaltation of Aqshy

Active: Aqshy’s domain : for a few moment, every enemy around Sienna suffer from regular application of Flame Dot

level 5
Bloom of Aqshy Flaming Spirit Aqshy’s Help
Heal on Flame Dot Heal on Cleave Heal share
level 10
Fleeting flame Battle Lust Wind of Fire
On lowest meter charge, Flame Dot have a small chance of applying twice Attacking speed increase depending on the Meter charge Increase Flame Dot by 1% (stack up to 30) Base Dmg lowered by 10%
level 15
Same as the other Career (maybe one different) Same as the other Career (maybe one different) Same as the other Career (maybe one different)
level 20
Bright fighter Myrmidia’s Chance Estalian Duelist
Lower Damage but increase Flame Dot Lower Damage but increase Critical Strike Augment Damage but lower Flame Dot Damage
level 25
Touching Flame Forged Steel Aqshy’s embrace
Push attack put Flame Dot in Push area Hitting one enemy may induce a second Flame Dot (70%) Hitting 4 enemies in one hit may trigger a Flame Dot AoE (20% small area)
level 30
Sword of Rhuin Heatwave Healing heat
Sienna ignite the weapon of her close ally, granting them a dmg buff Sienna apply a big stack of Flame Dot all at once Sienna get THP for each flame Dot active (work on ally)

Weapon special Use: Using it lower the amount of Exaltation of Aqshy (amount depend on the weapon dmg)

Each weapon would have a different attack that would fit it’s theme/pattern and deal either dmg on one enemy (high dmg) or area dmg (high stagger) (Lot of work but could be translated to the other career as causing heat)

New weapon:
Estalian Rapiere (Longer and more elegant than the one Saltz has, set on fire)

Fire axe (one handed, look like someone took it outside if a Wild fire)

Spear and Shield/Shield of Myrmidia


Sienna is the character i play the least (after Kerrilian) because I don’t really like ranged (Slayer and Mercenary) apart from dealing with Special enemies or Berzeker. But her Melee weapon are fun to use and the Flame Dot is incredibly satisfying to see


  • Depend greatly on the Flame Dot
  • Need a Weapon rework (for the Flame Dot applying) and new animation for the Special Use (I should have though of a name for it)
  • May turn off the current Sienna player from it


  • Will please the Slayer/GK main
  • Give a new playstyle to a character who doesn’t really vary between career
  • Making a new career for Sienna is quite hard
  • Give us new type of Skin/Head (More Martial Focused
Additional Melee Weapon
  • Saltzpyre
  • Kerrillian
  • Sienna
  • Saltzpyre+Kerrilian
  • Kerrilian+Sienna
  • Sienna+Saltzpyre
  • All of them
  • None of them

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Please no more melee only careers, I’m sick of them


We currently have 2 (out of 16) melee only career, and we know that the next one will not be a melee only career (next one is for Bardin, who already has a melee only career) and seeing the order of the Dlc Career point toward Sienna being the last

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I´d say a melee only sienna career would warrant a new weapon in the form of either a staff that lets lose puffs/blades/threads of fire as she swings it around or an actual combat staff.

The enchanted type that sets things on fire if she smacks them properly.

I know, I just feel like it’s hard to really differentiate the gameplay of the melee only careers based on my experience so far with GK and Slayer. They definitely play differently, but I don’t think it’s necessary for every character to have a melee-only gimmick and would rather they make them truly unique.

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How about Unchained gets reworked as melee only career? She was supposed to be the melee Sienna and, well, that didn’t work out lol

Her high overcharge function might be a problem though…


She gets special melee weapon called, “The Fire Whip,” which will generate her overcharge :smiley: It would obviously be locked to UC and to the 2nd weapon slot only. Just in case someone tries to use double Fire Whips and cause themselves to explode XD

But, honestly, your idea is fantastic. I would be down for it!

I think it’s really hard to do a 4th class for Sienna that’s actually different form her other careers but also from other characters and their careers. What I think could be smth. fresh would be a brawler class. Why use weapons at all if you are the weapon? If you google for “Bright Wizard” you always see them with burning hands or holding fire balls. We are already capable of doing that with 2nd heavy on flame sword or the bolt staffs light attack, so why not fully embrace it :smiley: ? To go melee only as a fire wielding wizard sounds pretty unlogical for me, you should atleast be able to cast some medium range spells or have a medium range weapon.

That’s why though of a melee only career that didn’t depend on the same Heat meter but on an inverses one (Where being high would be better)

An Un armed set could be alright, maybe different gauntlet skin (armour and maybe some kind of magical tattoo but it would still be a normal set of weapon

That what I was thinking for the Special Use (Like the Pistol for the Rapier with Saltzpyre), but they wouldn’t be free

I know it’s a bit off topic but I would like to see something like a burning chain whip for the unchained only( and maby her new class) as a melee weapon , so far she doesn’t got any class specific weapons .
It could be 2 chains one on every hand shes the only class without any double weapons .

Bright Wizard have a spell named “Crimson Band” who entrap the casters enemy

This spell could be turned into a 2h chain/Meteor Hammer

Would slow enemy at medium range

Looks also nice but since we got the flail I would maby like to see blades at the end or just the chain without anything :slight_smile: maby with low dmg on hit but with good cleav , good speed and burning dmg with every hit so you get the major dmg with the burning that would make a nice combination with the burning enemy’s talent but I wouldn’t be mad if they put in that meteor thing they could give them the shape of the twin tailed comet as red weapon skin

Looks cool and worked through.

Although the talent named “Myrmidia’s Chance” would need to be re-named as Sienna might be from Estalia, dominated by the cult of Myrmidia, but Sienna don’t seem to have any particular connection to that cult or goddess. Add to that how she teases Saltzpyre over his faith in Sigmar and I think that a name invoking a deity would not fit with her characterization, same goes for the weapon choice invoking Myrmidia.

Also note that Sienna shouldn’t get a better rapier than Salty in addition to it causing flaming damage. Let’s try to avoid power creeping with new weapons.

But to be honest I think that we’ll see Sienna wield a new wind which will probably be tied into the “Winds of Magic” and “Chaos Waste” to explain it as Siennas has been traversing the Weaves and been present for the warpstone explosion in “Dark Omens”. Thus explaining why things don’t work as normal with her in regards to magic.

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I have been thinking on the Special Key action

Version 1

The special key cause a special attack for each weapon (those are simply example of what they could be)
I though that those attack shouldn’t change their base stats/tag, only bring a move that could complement it
Common point:
The attack cost heat (On new career, it would go down, while for the other it would go up)
All attack cause Flame Dot
Range can’t be to high
Cause no Friendly Fire

Sword (Normal):
[Tag: Fast Attacks; Versatile; Wide Sweeps]

  • Sienna Punch the enemy, dealing dmg in a short cone (Fast Attack)
  • Sienna Slash horizontally creating a crescent of Fire (Wide Sweeps)

[Tag: High Damage; Damage over Time; Wide Sweeps]

  • Sienna smash the ground with the head of the mace (Wide Sweep)
  • Sienna does a Vertical hit, hit expel flame (High Damage)

Fire Sword:
[Tag: Damage over Time; Crowd Control; Fast Attacks]

  • Sienna Blow a cloud of Flame from her sword (Crowd Control)
  • Sienna raise her unarmed fist (Like heavy 1) and does a straight punch (Fast attack)

[Tag: Damage over Time; High Damage; Wide Sweeps]

  • Sienna hit horizontally, if there is an enemy, she can do a second strike that is Vertical and higher Dmg (High Damage)

Flaming Flail:
[Tag: Ignore Shields; Wide Sweeps; Crowd Control]

  • Swing Horizontally, throwing flame in it’s path (Crowd Control/Wide Sweeps)
  • Flail glow brightly before hitting the enemy, ignoring armour (Ignore Shields)

Version 2

This time, in place of having it being a special attack, it would be a simple buff that would last for a small time (In this case it would be unavailable for the other career)

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