Footknight Massive Nerf

Issue Description:
Footknight’s charge no longer penetrates ANY armored enemies. It will stop on a stormvermin. Previously only stopped on monsters and I think chaos warriors. Was this an unlisted nerf or is this a bug?

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FK charge has always only penetrated elites with the wide charge ability. I think you’re getting confused after having used that talent then using a build with a different Ult talent.


I almost always used the attack speed talent, and I couldve sworn I was at least able to go through stormvermin before. Its been a while so maybe Im wrong, but i think i only used the wide charge once or twice in chaos wastes and almost always used attack speed and I dont remember ever stopping on a single stormvermin. I feel like im used to running through those and maulers and needing the wide charge talent to hit more bosses and chaos warriors. if im wrong then i must have used wide charge more than i remember.

Yeah it’s definitely always been stopped by storm vermin without wide charge to my recollection.

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Fair enough! thank you

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