Foot Knight, Kruber's Knighthood

Hello Reiks administrators,

It occurs to me that the Foot Knight, Markus Kruber, is actually not registered in any real knight order. It is said that he is a member of the “Reikshammer” order, but no such order is recorded in any imperial register.
However it would seem that the rank of Foot Knight, as much as the red shield with a white cross in its center, are 2 distinction mostly wore by the members of the famed Reiksguard . In fact the Reiksguard is mostly known for its cavalry regiments, but they do have an infantry equivalent, usually called, The Imperial Foot.
It would then seem, having no mention in any books that i could read, or no confession by any suspect i could interrogate, that the former sergeant Markus Kruber, has been registered by the wrong name.
I Hereby ask, politely, the clarification of this situation,

May Sigmar always guides us

Holy inquisitor Probac.

P.S. : Sources:
-Lorehammer Library [youtube channel]
-Frewind Lore Warhammer [youtube channel]
-7th edition Warhammer Empire codex


@Prorbac @BrokenClock

From the V1 codex


Interesting, also thanks!

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So it would seem we have to deal with a secret order. Very interesting.
I thank thee!

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