Focus Target actual damage numbers

So, apperantly, there is some weird curve shinanigans going on in damage calculation here.

Actual Damage increase is ramps up on higher stacks, but remains true to description on lower.

5 stacks - 21-22%
8 stacks - 36-37%

Its shifting in between 1%, with different weapons. This might have to do with weapon damage perks.

However Redirect fire has it in reverse but almost not noticeable.

1 stack - 1-1.5%
12 stacks - 10-11%

Hey im not complaining about this lol

Exhilarating fix when?

how did you even notice this, impressive

Whats up with that one by the way?

“Probably in the next patch” -CatFish

Wait, let me find it…



Instead of reducing toughness damage taken it increases damage taken by 10% per stack.

QA team at fatshark may need to stop napping on the job

Lol i’ve been using it for my every headshot build forever.

And its been working until patch 13. Kinda strange how this managed to happen.

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they simply have the wrong symbol of operation, + instead of -.

Really makes you think why & how that happend as someone needed to go to that line and changed a symbol that didn’t need to be changed.

Oh and their QA is busy doing live support not “whatever the checking of updates is called”-kind of support.

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