Fix Trauma Staff Aiming

I have been using the Trauma Staff almost exclusively recently and while I think its damage/stagger is mostly fine, I am by no means a fan of how you aim with the thing especially at long ranges.

The issue is that it’s right click moves farther down and away from your crosshair the farther you aim.
This peculiarity makes it so that - with the standard UI - the geysers you conjure overlay with your UI, which makes aiming a pain.

Even when I change my UI with mods, so that nothing overlapps anymore, I then still have to deal with my geyser having no fixed location in relation to the rest of my UI. This more often than I’d like makes me loose track of my peril meter and then implode.

Make the geyser you conjure always align with your crosshair.

Some people like that aiming style, so rather than fork them over it should be perfectly fine to have another Mk of Trauma staff with the crosshair aiming system.

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Sure fine with me and it’s not like I don’t see advantages to it. It’s just more often clunky than not.