First person view in spectator mode

Hi there, i and a few friends asked ourselves recently if it was possible to implement a first person view for the spectator mode. We thougt it might improve what we could learn from better players by seeing what they are able to see and how they react in certain sitiuations, based on their limited field of view in combination with the Sounds they hear.
I get that you sould normally be able to communicate enemypositions or potiential dangers to your team, therefore i sugest that one could be able to switch between the spectator modes.

Thanks, hoddl


I’ve never thought about being able to view how higher-tier players were kicking so much butt… I really, really like this. I have no qualms with it and I think it would provide everyone a great way to learn block resets, shove-attacks, dodging, headshotting… the list goes on!

You could even watch and see how someone was kiting a monster/boss!



I’m behind this, as long as it’d be an option, not just a permanent switch to First Person from Third. Maybe more use for the Weapon Special (again)?

Just remember, if you want to use this kind of thing for learning, you still cannot see what goes on in the player’s head and thus are unlikely to notice every little thing they do, so you may still need something extra.

In fact, I also think that for similar reasons, a wider angle of the battlefield could also be useful, to learn more about positioning and team performance. Of course, this could bring in some tactical advantage with voice comms, but as Third Person view already does the same, I don’t think it’d be that much of a problem.

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I agree, though I think we have both mentioned elements necessary for the game, though they are different. My thought went immediately to raw mechanics, but you make an excellent point that tactics is almost as, if not more crucial than, mechanics.

100% I agree that it should be optional.

My thoughts go to Left 4 Dead 2 where spacebar acted as a simple switch between 1st and 3rd person. Good idea!

My favourite camera angle atm is top down to get a Diabloesque feel. It’s quite refreshing and very different.

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+1, this should happen!

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Great idea. Will be useless for someone as great as I, who never falls in battle, but I imagine it would be useful for lesser entities who wish to learn from my calculated slaughter.

Spends work hours browsing forums for tips on how to improve and not die as frequently, while attempting to keep the soul crushing self doubt at bay by pretending to be great at the game



Kinda surprised it wasn’t in the game to begin with. Solid suggestion.

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