First crash ever to desktop ever, kernelbase.dll in event viewer

Experienced my first ever Vermintide 2 crash today after latest hotfix. No errors appeared, just exited.
I believe it occurred at the end of a game. I have no mods installed. I have already tried verifying game cache and running system file checker both came back fine. Also scanned for malware and virus’s. As I say, this is the first time game ever crashed and given other players experiencing this issue hope it’s not my pc.

Attached the crash dmp and console log at the time. console-2020-11-20-22.53.59-9bd578eb-c26c-4156-99b2-61644f9d3fb2.log (2.2 MB)
crash_dump-2020-11-20-22.53.59-9bd578eb-c26c-4156-99b2-61644f9d3fb2.dmp (838.7 KB)

This particular error indicates a corruption in your Windows user profile; I recommend you either try a new profile or contact Microsoft Support for workarounds.

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