Fire frenzy does nothing

Issue Description:
Fire frenzy buff stacks, but doesn’t provide any benefit.

Steps to Reproduce:
Stack fire frenzy, observe it does nothing

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Pretty sure it adds fire rate now. Try holding M1 into a horde to check.

Did they completely remove the damage and add a stacking fire rate buff? that’s considerably worse than before but if it’s intended then oh well.

Agreed it’s much worse for your ammo efficiency, though I’ll admit it does feel pretty amusing with the ol’ Agrip Brauto.

On the other hand, anoint from blood’s value goes through the roof now that it’s not competing with other damage buffs. Fire rate, damage, power, rending: brauto zealot has it all. Except for the ammo part.

I wouldn’t personally spec for ranged stuff even on brauto Zealot, you don’t have the ammo for it to be a primary weapon and you give up too much melee and toughness goodness going that route IMO.

I do think - spread and recoil is super worth dipping into for brauto though. Lets you counter shoot shooters way more reliably.

I really do wish Vet had access to spread/recoil reduction outside of exe stance, would make braced and infantry autoguns way more fun on him IMO.

Anoint in blood is the first node in the middle tree. it’s free af 25% damage close range. And it actually helps with ammo for obvious reasons. It’s a no-brainer, unless you’re really specialised into something else and don’t have a single point to spare.

I feel it has marginal benefit on weapons with larger mag size like the BAGs, there’s definitely better options though.

in its post-patch state it’s borderline worthless for shotguns, where it was a decent blessing previously. with the locks in place it’s incredibly annoying.

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