Fighting the cash shop Implimentation via email: SUGGESTED ACTION

We defeated EA via disney’s shareholders and bad social media traction, we can do so again, Here’s some avenues to how.

Baillie Gifford, is a Scottish Investment company which is Games Workshop’s minority but largest investor interest, they are focused on long-term sustainable investing, you should email via the form provided at the bottom of the linked page, POLITELY, outlining how the game’s cash shop is predetory, makes you not want to spend money in it, and is detrimental to the game and the brand, and risks adverse news coverage, and is generally counter to the aim of long term investment.

baillie gifford contact page

In game posting in chat about why the cash shop is bad for consumers is a good idea, but its important to keep it minimal. Maybe something uplifting like -don’t buy cosmetics youre worth more?

More wideley you can contact gaming jouralists on social media asking them to shine a light on this topic. Josh Strife-Hayes, AngryJoeShow, TheJimquistion, aswell as warhammer you tubers, such as discourse minitures, could all make a differance.

You could also try contacting the voice actors to get some of them behind us, remeber to be reasonable and kind, and post in support of threads if they’re already on their social media rather than making duplicates.

You can email Games workshop via their website: games workshop

Addtionally you can consider emailing your local swedish consolate: Swedish Embassy List

and also your local represenatives, they don’t care about games, but they absolutely do care about tax revenue from games. For the UK for US For EU

You can also Upvote and reply to the sub reddit post decrying the state of the cash shop, this can act as a ad hoc survey of those disatisfied with it’s implimentation, it’s at the two thousand mark so sort by top, all time if you don’t see it on the front page.

Within the game, wearing the default jumpsuit might be an ideal way to protest. An in game strike may also be possible.

If you’re in the UK, you can contact consumer advocacy Magazine Which?:


-I am examing further steps to be taken in sweden, legal avenues of challange including discrimination, ani consumer, and anti trust laws, and/or in person steps and will update with any developments.

We do NOT have to accept a shop with the rediculous FOMO and giving Fatshark free money, if we make a big enough fuss, we can convince them railroading players is not in the interests of good bussiness.

Please like, and reply to give the post traction so we can show it to more people.


All excellent ideas. Lets make our voices heard


It is absolutely shameful that

A. This microtransaction shop exists in the way that it does

B. This microtransaction shop exists before actual gameplay features like crafting and solo lobbies


Then please, make your voiceheard outside the fourm x

This is much better, than what idea I had.
Count me fething in brothers.

To quote “Overlord DVD” which in this case translates great from movies to modern games:
“Without respect, we reject”.


Someone @ Henry Cavill on this. I’d love to see a celebrity’s take on this business practice. Especially one who is known for loving the 40K franchise.


It is done.


just going to post my thoughts here

ok ive seen this going around with several games, warframe, Paladins, Darktide and others.

first off, just because a game has in game/app purchases, bundles or discounts doesnt make it predatory. yes it doesnt state if these items will remain in the shop after the time limit or that they will or their bundle will disappear,
but them not stating such doesnt mean they are doing it to force people to buy the items quickly. like vermin-tide this game is likely to have years of support, wasting the time to create a cosmetic to only appear only once where as leaving it in the store would generate more revenue doesnt make much sense.

second did you know Darktide is set to release on Xbox, you many not know this but the reason games like warframe, Paladins, Darktide and others have a premium currency rather than cash in app purchases is because if they did, the company who controls the system they are on Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will get a cut of their earnings.
as where if buy premium currency from steam or them directly they get much more of a slice of the pie, personally i like funding my developers not giving them money they will only get half of.

thirdly them not offering bonuses with premium currency isnt anything new, and its an incentive to get more as their the bonus but theirs nothing stopping someone from choosing to get 2x1000 Aquila & 1x500 Aquila purchases for only 12.50 and you have 100 Aquila waste.
would it be better to offer Aquilas at (400 for $2)(700 for $3.50)(800 for $4)(900 for $4.5) & (2400 for $12)

as an indie developer my self i understand why companies do choose to go this route, and the accusations usually levied against them by those who may not know all the facts. im not saying i know all the facts but id rather look to the situation and ask why rather then assume and accuse what.

the question i have is
if FatShark removed the shop tomarrow would you count that as a win and claim credit for it?

No-one wants the shop removed, we just want to be able to spend money in our own time, as we have it avalible, not forced into making bad purchasing desions based on fear of missing out, we want it to be clear what we’re spending and we want to be able to buy what we need, i.e. selling items and aquillas in the same amounts, a lower price would not be unwelcome.

If a Physical shop here in Scotland were to do this, they’d be fined, we just want the same rules to apply here.


Definitely some good suggestions, these sort of tactics to prey on people spending money shouldnt be taken lightly


I’m currently looking at if the timer falls foul of Limited Offers, a explicitly banned practice in the UK.


thanks king, hope all readers of this thread send these in

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better if Fatshark changes, because they wanna just get hated only.

Warframe and Paladins are free to play games.

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yes and both are also studios that are 10X larger than Fatshark.
both games also took a long time to get where they are,

i dont like how many of the games aspects are unfinished, but sometimes it happens, as an indie developer my self i understand how the scope of things can get out of hand, i dont like how it turned out but i can sympathize. both with fatshark as a developer, and as a consumer who bought the game.

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How do you not see an issue with predatory currency costings?

I don’t care about a premium cosmetic, VT2 had it but there you paid in straight up £/$.
Darktide is using the most evil methods of first disassociating people from fact of spending money and are making them spend more than the skin they want is worth as tehy must now buy a package that wastes a few hundred aquillas.

Yes this is used in other games that doesn’t excuse its use. It if anything shows how Fatshark have slipped from the lovable fellow gamer company to greedy business practices.


Added my voice by messaging Baillie Gifford.
Polite. Constructive. To the point.

took 5 minutes from start to finish.


Thanks :smiley:

Can the next person talking to BG please mention that the top rated post on the sub is now negative coverage ofthe shop as I had warned a few days ago?

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And Warframe is also owned by Tencent.

Paladins is owned by Hi-Rez who have a habit of dropping a game the instant it’s no longer profitable.


Just boosting this post, nice suggestions!

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