Why is there a premium store in an un-finished game

Guuuuuyyyyys. Whyyyyyyyy?

Crafting isn’t even here.

Game still unstable as f0ck.

There’s 4 classes instead of 15 when VM2 came out.

But here we go let’s have a crappy premium store that does not even allow you to spend the exact amount of money you need for your skin.

Love you guys you’re the best and this game is amazing but… Whyyyyyyy?

Someone at marketing definitely got overly cocky


This has been talked about to death at this point. You should join one of the ongoing threads.

The short answer is that the team that makes the cash shop content is not the same as the one that develops the rest of the game.

The problems are that the cash shop itself feels exploitative and that the timing of its release feels premature.


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