Festering Ground - insta death after last event

Dear Fatshark,

I have experience an instant death by just walking twice in a row in the same situation. The situation was after the last hive event in Festering ground where you follow the last collapsing tunnel almost at the very end. After one way collapses I walk the only path left and instantly die. After the second time it occured the game crashed.

This has happened twice in a row exactly in the same spot and I cannot say how frustrating it is. I did the level as slayer with 3 bots which takes a really long time. Basically an hour completely lost. More details:

Festering ground
Champion difficulty
Slayer Bardin, 3 bots
Both times 2 grims, 3 tomes and 1-2 dices.

Best regards

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You should upload the logs and the crash report.
If you press your [Windows key] and [R], and then type %appdata% in the run window, you can find the logs in \Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs and the crash report in \Fatshark\Vermintide 2\crash_dumps.
Post here the files corresponding to your game - they are timestamped.

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Thank you for the info.

Here are the logs and crash report.
console-2021-06-09-21.23.02-c061d7fc-4609-41fc-b153-7b68b83d57ef.log (964.2 KB)

crash_dump-2021-06-09-21.23.02-c061d7fc-4609-41fc-b153-7b68b83d57ef.dmp (734.3 KB)

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