Festering Ground - Buboes Damage Pools

I’ve got two suggestions when it comes to these lovely, festering pods.

The first is that they no longer leave a void zone when burst. The forced damage feels oddly out of place, considering in several locations you have to walk through them in order to clear the area quickly. If Fatshark really wants them to pose a threat to the players then they can have an AOE burst when they’re shot, forcing players to wait a moment before plowing through.

The second (and the reason that I was inspired to make this post to begin with) suggestion is that the AI bots take no damage from the pools the buboes leave on the ground. I’ve been in games with bots where they have repeatedly run inside the tunnel and stood in the pools and gone down.

I get that there’s no boss in Festering Grounds, and the damage of the pools is a way to force players to take damage to “balance” that out, but I still think it’s unnecessary.


The Nurgle Buboes shouldn’t leave a damage pool beneath them when they pop. If they must, it shouldn’t deal damage to bots given their mindless AI and the unavoidable nature of some pools.

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