Festering Ground - an absolute joke on Legend - RANT

As the title says i will be ranting mainly about this Map after i’ve been trying to beat it on Legend multiple times in the last 2-3 days. I’ve had numerous extremly experienced people in my team, friends and people that had the portrait from the Legendary Challenges help me. We still couldn’t beat it. Here’s what bothers me about this map

1 - The Spawning System is absolute horrible - i’ve lost count how many times i’ve had bosses and hordes spawned ONTOP of me and ruining the run. Just now, before i made this topic i’ve had a boss and horde spawn ontop of me and i thought i had enough and I need to let the Devs know about this because this can’t go anymore, it’s just driving me and other people crazy, including other people too. I’ve had people instantly leave after they saw what map i was playing on Legend.

2 - Boss Spawns - You have 80% chance to have 2 boss spawns, one is near the River where you drop down and have to cross the bridge and the other one is in the swamp. I even had a boss spawn at the river and one in the mine when we dropped down and it completely wiped us. The River Boss is usually a Spawn of Chaos or a Stormfiend which are both horrible to fight in enclosed spaces and tight corriders, not to mention the bonus ambush and horde that spawns with the boss, they both stack together. You have to manevour around the boss along the river with very limiting space. You occasionaly get stuck on rocks, fall of the edge, get knocked off in the water by the boss, or pushed / shoved by a minion.

The Swamp boss is the other problem. Sure, the place is big but numerous Chaos Patrols and Armored Patrols go around that area add that with a horde that comes literally from every direction and you’re surrounded with the boss ontop of you. You also get stuck in the water while dodging, on small rocks, trees, roots, small inclinations of land and others…

3 - After allllllllll that you reach the buboes part which is more fun than the others. Fight the infinite horde spawn that spawns a lot of armored Skaven and add shield to them just to make it more fun cause it’s fun having them push infront with the horde behind, you hitting their shield and not the horde while you’re slowly cornered and mauled. Disablers are also a problem, i’ve had friends and other people, including myself have packamasters spawn ontop of them while trying to destroy the buoboes while others try to hold the horde pack and they drag you trough the liquid that comes from the buoboes that also deal quite some damage. The Cherry ontop are the gas rats that come out of nowhere and just decide to throw a gas bomb and completely mess your whole party / cut your path off / corner you, what makes it better is that you get 2-3 of them.
If you managed to get trough all this torture and reach the Shadow Bridge you have a chance of a horde spawning right ontop of you together with armored Skaven and completely wipe you out cause that’s fair… i lost 2 runs because of this as a bonus you get disablers.

4 - an abbsurd amount of Special / Elite Units / Disablers - Blightstomers in my runs happen to be the most annoying ones because you always walk near death drops, ledges, river and other stuff you can fall off and have 2-3 just cast a storm trough walls, literally trough the fckinng and just teleport the Fck away is fair and BALANCED, not to mention that you can’t even tag them sometimes or see them properly.
Packmasters are the other problem, they can spawn ontop of you and just drag you trough walls, ceilings, floors, literally the F*cking ground, from 1 mile away and render you immobile, completely stuck unless you reconnect and let a bot join so he can teleport, drag you trough hordes, to the boss, fall into the river, trough the map and lose the tome / grim you had. You can’t shove them, you can’t intrerrupt them, unless you use Kruber and his charge for example as a Foot Knight and they take A LOT of punishment. Dodging them is possible but when it comes to this map and the tight corridors and spaces you have to go trough makes it difficult.
I even tried beating this map alone with bots, they did a pretty good job on their own as i have every character over lvl 25 and even managed to get pretty far with them. I go with Unchained, Foot Knight and Ironbreaker. What bothers is me the fact that whenever i went down / one of the bots went down there will be a 90% chance that a disabler will spawn, the most common one is the packmaster. The bots are most of the time oblivious to them.

5 - FPS / Internet issues - I don’t know what happend, but the last patch or the last 2 patches completely messed up the FPS for this game, for me, my friends and other people.
What also got messed up is the Lag. When i bought the game i’ve had A FEW problems with lag but it never bothered me that much since i was playing with my friends and have 15-40 MB Download / Upload ( meaning i can Download a 80 GB game in like 3 hours if i go outside for that duration, I live in Romania btw)
Now? Whenever me or my friends try to host we have tremendous lag, crashes, enemies walking trough walls, the air, ghost hits. Playing with random people that are the host is worse.

Lots of people are having these issues. Change the game to DX11 in the launcher, and make sure you have “player list plus” mod disabled. Then under network settings, turn on “smaller network packets”. Also, if you have a Nvidia card, right click on the desktop, click on Nvidia control panel, click on “Manage 3D settings” on the left side drop down menu, make sure you are on the “global settings” tab in the 3D settings window, scroll down and click on “power management mode”, and change it to “Pefer maximum performance”.

That should help a lot with the FPS issues, but it’s still rather laggy.

As for the map, it’s not that bad. If you need some help, add me on steam, I can jump on and give you hand. The only time I’ve had a hard time on that map, is when it gets buggy at the end, and the tunnels collapse late and kill the entire party. Or when a troll spawns when you are popping the bubbles and knocks everyone down lol.

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