Fellow brogryns, which of these two great Gorgonums do you think is better?

Surprisingly, based on my experience, the mere 5% crit chance on the right Gorgonum makes for a significant increase in a number of crits that weapon deals, which translates into much better mileage from the Charmed Reload blessing.

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I would say the second…
Overwhelming fire did not convince me with the Gorgonum (I would not say the same with the Achlys).

Both aren’t perfect, but Gorg is a forgiving weapon, however I would roll for Blaze Away on the first one and use that one.

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Every active fire blessing is bugged on Stubbers. Overwhelming Fire takes like 12 hits for each proc so it can only ever proc on like 2 Ogryn enemy types and a boss (but you probably use heavyweight like an actual ogryn so). Blaze Away requires Charmed Reload and like 130 rounds to even hit max stacks with this gun iirc. Inspiring Barrage is somewhere in here too + it doesn’t proc until 50% of the mag is gone for some LUA wizardry I don’t care to comprehend. They’re all bad and require you to expend like 1/3 of your ammo in one go to proc once, and then instantly disappear if you let up the trigger (or hit another enemy type with OF).

The obvious best set up with these considerations is Deathspitter. Its basically a nerfed fire frenzy, but with the Gorgon’s heavy damage it will make for some deadly spraydowns with greatly improved ammo economy on each target.

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Overwhelming fire is not working properly (it takes “forever” to get 5 stacks).

Left because the important stats are already locked.

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This. Level 1 Blaze away gives you more power than full stacks of Overwhelming Fire (at least at T3, I think its the same for T4?).

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Yeah but you gotta shoot like 30 rounds for that. With the Gorgon’s good accuracy high damage and Deathspitter’s almost 3s duration you can hit 5 stacks in like 10 bullets, hold it between trigger pulls and even take the power buff in for a stronger melee attack.

In my opinion the right one is better to kill the shooters because of 78 stability.
And the left one is good for killing stuff in general.
Also, I don’t really think that blessings are important when deciding between these two, they are practically the same, didn’t feel the difference when was playing with similar blessings

Which again brings is to Fatshark casino design, where we have some S tier blessing surrounded by a sea of mediocrity. Hiding lack of depth behind RNG.

I’d go with the crit.

With that said I can’t be arsed with this atrocity of a crafting system. I have one now that is quite sucky but I just can’t bear to try to upgrade it. I clear damnation with it. That’ll have to do.

First one is better but the perks and the blessing could be better imo.
Damage outpout could be better also. 360+ rating is good but sometimes there are stats u dont require that much. You often get an allrounder with decent stats everywhere but no min/max on the modifiers that can make some difference regarding your own playstyle.

That being said, i put blaze away T4 for blessing and porbably specialist/maniacs/crit damage or crit chance or unyielding on it. I get you want this weapon to deal with packs of shooters scabs and dregs. So its nice perks to do that, id just add blazeaway so you actually benefit from shooting randomly into them instead of having to focus on one ennemy.

If u stay with Overwhelming consider using unyelding perks or low grp spawned ennemies like specialist maniacs (they go by 3 usually) or boss killers. Thats plenty of extra rations anw :slight_smile:

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