Feedback for fatshark

I loved the beta and never played v1 so I decided to buy the game. I bought the CE and had great hopes for the game. Right now I have about 100h played. Only do legend mostly played huntsman, slayer, waystalker and pyro. I love buying dlc/skins etc.

However I won’t be buying any more fatshark products. The game was great fun but the way it’s handled is horrible. Right on the start the CE is incredibly underwhelming. Deeds useless, skins only for the starting classes and simple recolors.

Then the game itself. I would have expected they learned somethings working on V1. The release was totally rushed. Bugged talents, crashes, balance, crafting, ui. All had problems. Yet there is barely any communication from Fatshark at all. Yea you can write ‘being worked on/looked at w/e in the feedback forum’. But other than that there’s very little information. Then the content itself. I only played every evening and just don’t care about the game anymore. There’s no worthy cosmetics to go for. Reds are just boring and to rare. Running legend over and over for some crappy items is not worth it. And the balance of the game is totally off. I expected they knew how to balance somewhat since they made V1.

I really wanted the game to succeed but it’s hard to keep playing. I didn’t try 1.05 yet because tbh I am already done.

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