Feedback and Suggestions - Sharpshooter

Hello. It has been a very long time since I have seen these forums. Regardless I wanted to take the time to post my feedback on the Sharpshooter as I feel like it is the worse designed class. I will do my best to explain why

-I will start with the random players at the early levels. It would seem a lot of these people have not played Vermintide 2. They shoot everything that moves burning through ammo… Rather than reserving the ammo for targets that need it. Because the Sharpshooter doesn’t have any melee talents, it is quite difficult to do much when you run out of ammo. Further compounded by your team mates taking all of the ammo

-Guns not having max ammo stat is probally another factor to this mess. You have to wait until Mastercrafted to even have a good supply of ammo

-Traits appear to be too random and not focused. Having grenades mixed in with long range does not make sense. It would of made more sense to provide additional options for level progression. IE Traits for melee. Then in late game you could of switched off to grenades (if that is the end goal)

-Lastly I will point out the skill. It is nice having targets highlited and doing additional damage but with a cooldown and low duration, it is almost not worth it. Especially once you get in to the end game and have a mastercrafted Bolter. At that point, you are in high difficulty levels and are moving around a lot


-Make the skill a toggle skill. Lower the damage and bonus numbers to compensate for it being able to turn on at will

-Make some sort of in game data or wiki to let the new players know what is best to use the ammo on and how to work best with the other classes

-Make Optical Camo stronger. If the goal or design is to constantly be hitting long range shots, it would help to be ignored. I already know with a good portion of randoms, they don’t have awareness. They will miss a few mobs and those will come my way while I am trying to focus


I am not sure if it is a bug or design so I will put this one last thing for my post here

The Las Gun is not penetrating the heavily armored enemies. If that is by design then there should be a Talent for + armor penetration when using Las Guns. That would be far more beneficial than having grenades

If that is not possible… Then perhaps put a Heavy Bolter in the game. One that has range. That would give us a lot more options

That is all I have. Good luck!

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