My feedback on the closed beta

First of all i want to say it is very fun if you have a team with enough gamesense to know what they have to do. It needs some polishing gameplay wise but its already great. Cant wait for release.

To adress first issue. The amount of lvl 1’s i encounter on this difficulty 3 or higher where they dont even know game mechanics is very frustrating. So i would think a lvl lock on every difficulty beyond 2 would lower this.
Then there is also the problem with people hoarding medic and ammo crates. A pop up system if teammates are out of ammo or just where you can see the ammo of your teammates and have a warning signal next to it if they are low on ammo could assist people thinking about using the ammo crate.

I also played the sharpshooter. great class but i hope a much higher variety of weapons gets added from earlier levels and there are probably already stuff in the works for subclasses. But the main problem i encounter with the sharpshooter is: If you use a autogun, you have super low ammo counts. autogun ammo reserves could use a slight buff. because in comparison: lasguns i used had 1000 spare ammo or even more. autogun ammo count i am yet to find 1 where i have 500. I know autoguns can pierce armor better (atleast they kill maulers much faster imo) but the low ammo count makes it a hard gun to use, paired with the ammo crate hoarders, which resulted in a guy running with a ammo crate and we ecnounter a plague ogryn and i had to smack it instead of shoot it.

Add in a set amount of secondaries like in vermintide with the tomes and grimoires being a thing in every level. right now they are special secondary objectives in a few instances.
If the idea is to work with secondary objectives a main thing could be a kill mission (like kill a plague ogryn).

The chat filter system is scuffed. you cant even say sniper in it. please rework this as miscommunication can happen if your call-outs for specials get censored.