Sharpshooter - Is it actually bad?

Hello. I will agree that the ammo consumption is a problem (when combined with everything else). That said… I think the real issue with Sharpshooter is the overall design. It was designed assuming people wouldn’t be greedy with taking ammo boxes, or shooting everything that moves. This is further compounded by the fact it has no melee weapon traits

I made my own post on this if you wish to read further. I will focus on your post for now

One thing I didn’t mention in my post and I think can be a contributing factor… Is how long you have to wait before seeing the Bolter and other guns. This limits the playstyle of the person and or the variety

If the power sword was earlier on that would certainly help with the melee side but no, you are forced to a knife, shovel, or claw sword at early levels

I am not sure about the late dodge you mentioned. I am aware that there is times when I try to switch guns and it wouldn’t despite me for sure pressing Q. It leads me to believe that there is a “ghosting” occuring with the keys being received in the game. I know the ghosting isnt on my end as it is a Hyper X gaming keyboard

That is all I can contribute to this