Veteran 'Deadshot' not described correctly

The ‘Deadshot’ feat in the veteran sharpshooter tree also drains -X stamina (seems to be about -5%) per shot. Its a pretty big negative that is completely left out of the description and when you find out boy does it feel bad. In my opinion this renders the feat pretty useless for such a tiny benefit outweighed by a giant negative. Its basically 2-3 crits at the cost of emptying your stamina bar. What do you guys think?


Do you still get the effects once stamina is empty?

You do not.

Well that’s crap then.

I… did not know this. Wow. Makes the 20% on dodge stam regen talent almost essential at that point

I would never take deadshot. That feat is literally DoA. Geniunely needs buffs or a rework. GIVE US MORE BUFFS FATSHARK, STOP NERFING THINGS.


Indeed. Nerfs are fine but Fatshark seems like they’re so mindless and heavy handed with their nerfs.

I was going to take it as soon as I hit lvl 25 (is it?).
I’d gladly trade stamina for more crits.
But all stamina for 2 crits?

If Deadshot only cost stamina when firing it’d actually make sense, and I’d happily use it, but it constantly drains whenever you ADS. It’s worse than worthless.