Does Deadshot perk on the vet work if you run out of stamina?

Does Deadshot perk on the vet work if you run out of stamina?

You lose the stability bonus, but I don’t know if you lose the critical bonus.

no, it doesn’t work if you’re out of stamina. and it would’ve taken you less time to research this than it took you to open up this forum and write this post.


There fixed your reply for yeah.

your welcome

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Cool thanks for the info, is the response I would have given if it had just been that.

Like a lot of things in this game not sure if anyone knows 100% for certain.

I’ve been wondering this too I think its a bit buggy…
There are times when I’m full stamina and it does not seem to be doing anything and times when im empty and I can drill a hole with a machine gun at 40ft :man_shrugging:

There’s a few things seem to effect your aim so pinning down exactly what’s going on in any given situation can be a pain in the A$$.

The bleed grenades are nice but your teammates will often finish off anything you throw a grenade at anyway and the slide passive is situational imo so its probably best to use this passive regardless.

This is partly what the forum is for lol. I know it seems like its just a place for us to complain to fatshark about things we are not happy with sometimes but actual discussion about the game’s mechanics belongs here too you know.

Fact is… I don’t see better feat in what we were offered…
Bleeding nades is not something I would use.

Bleed grenades are pretty good. I’ve no idea how much damage the bleed does but i see stuff falling over from the ticks quite a lot. I use it more than the crit buff passive now.

The more I play this game the more I value my stamina at first when I saw 25% crit I just picked it no questions asked. I would happily exchange my stamina for dmg at the time. Now I’m a bit more careful ive been trying to add in stamina regen on my curios without sacrificing anything else I want but its a pita heh.

Interresting. Why stamina is so important as a veteran ?
In close combat, I tend to switch to the energy sword… so that’s why I ask.

One sec ill try to find a video rather than me bro science it here.

How To Stay Alive │ Darktide │ In depth Look At Stamina, Dodging, Blocking & Pushing │ Guide │ 40k - YouTube

I never found a good energy sword beginning to think power cycler does not exists.

i have one power sword with brutal momentum and supercharge (3).
That really hurts… I can wipe an horde really fast.

EDIT: I watch the video… and learnt several things. Thanks.
Will change my way to play, I think.

I’ve got one with brutal momentum too I just don’t like having to re energise it all the time. I’ve been using a catachan sword for a while now. I like the attack pattern.

I did try stamina curios with stamina regen/toughness regen and a dagger but i think that was a bit too much sacrifice for mobility.

Atm ive got

20%health 4%toughness 10% stamina regen 20% toughness regen
20%health 5%health 15%corruption resist 15% toughness regen
1 wounds 15%corruption resist 15%grim resist 20%toughness regen

I stopped rolling stuff for a while now though and am stockpiling crafting mats hoping they fix the crafting soon.

btw I’m just a random guy I don’t know wth is going on with the stats in this game don’t trust my opinions lol

For instance the power sword lets you fight the big armoured guys much better if I get stuck with one on my own with my catachan sword I have to hit him in the head about ten times its rough :smiley:

Don’t worry… but I did not know that stamina could protect you when reviving somebody… now I see why you should keep stamina… in heresy if you fail to revive someone it is quick a game over…

Ive seen people say revive speed on curio is good and also combat ability regen too but i stopped testing things out to save mats.

Good luck out there fellow vet keep shooting heads :slight_smile: