Does deadshot rely on stamina to function?

As the title says, i cant quite figure out if deadshot stops functioning after the stamina is gone, it seems like it does but im not 100 percent sure on it.

I am a bit unsure if talent is either reliant on having stamina to function, or if the talent just has stamina drain as a way to add a drawback to it.

Anyone with a bit more in depth game knowledge got an answer for me?

See, there’s an easy way to test it.

It’s called: Psykhanium → Meat Grinder Option.

Yeah, if you run out of stamina your weapon sway jumps again. It’s a pretty crappy ability with how many targets there are in game. Only a handful of shots and it’s like you don’t have it at all. Wasted talent slot.

Hmm… i see.

When i was testing it in the meat grinder i did not really notice any difference in the sway with the weapon i was using, perhaps its more noticeable on other arc types of weapons.

I must have gotten lucky with the crits or something while my stamina was gone, because there was not enough of a jump or drop in crit rate for me to really make a 100% judgement on it.
Or perhaps the benefits from the talent is not as substantial as i had imagined.