Strange Deadshot talent interactions with plasma and other weapons

Issue Description:
Strange Deadshot interactions

Plasma does not use stamina during its alt fire, or gain bonus crit chance.
When using any other gun it becomes noticeable you lose stamina for each shot fired ontop of the the drain over time, which is not noted on the talent itself. Most noticeable when using the Accatran VId, which instantly depletes stamina.

Steps to Reproduce:
reproduceable in meatgrinder or in missions

  1. Select deadshot as T5 Talent
  2. Select The Plasma Gun
  3. Use the alt fire (charged shot) and note it doesn’t drain stamina or benefit from enhanced crit chance
  4. Select any high fire rate rifle
  5. Use the alt fire, doesn’t need to hit a target just drains while firing then when not.


Player ID:
[[Steam Community :: FiftyShadesOfSkeleton]]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
27/11/2022 04:17 GMT

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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console-2022-11-27-04.03.38-9ca11ca9-3caa-4a1d-b1da-32104ae5127f.log (252.8 KB)

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