Feedback and ideas

Hello, I started with Vermintide 1 and it was amazing game. This second game is totally awsome. I am glad that is still replayable. And now when you adding 4th career is amazing. But I have some problems with conection, I can reconnect to my friend but if I play quick mission with random people I can not join to them back. Let them alone on Legend difficulty is unfair and I did’t get reward and spend hours of playing with not finishing games becauseI can not reconnect is frustrating. There should be some option to join last game when it kick you to you Keep. When I play Arcanum mission there was lightning strikes…so awsome and it bring me one idea, if there will be DLC Chaos Wastes (I hope there will and it bring us at least half of original missions…so 7). There could be room for new hero. Male High Elves Mage (like in chaosbane). Archmage f-Lightning strike, Mage f-invoking magic shield, Swordmaster of Hoeth f-sword strikes. It could bring more magic to this world and dark times. I have all details how all could work. So thank you for such good game and looking forward to news and updates!