Favourite archetype POLL

I started playing DT on release day, and iirc I made one of each class to start off with but immediately settled for a psyker as my main. I did level up all the rest right after ofc, just to have my options (I tend to get bored fast). But iirc it wasn’t longer than 1-1.5 months after release when I made my second psyker on my fifth and final slot, and have mained those 2 ever since.

The zelly is obviously my second most played class, far behind the psykers, and then vets & oggies the least played. I do play all of them at least a bit most weeks, but for a while now I’ve only bothered doing the weeklies on my psykers. They’re just so much fun! And that high skill cap with the wonkiest builds never gets boring. :heart_eyes:

It’s rare to get a game where some class so completely represents what I like. Psykers have my favorite costume & style aesthetic, I instantly fell in love with that french accent voice, I’ve always loved casters & utility & support in general (tho tbh I rarely play support here since in pub T5+ you can get so much more done by being on offense as opposed to relying on your team for kills), and they have by far the most unique gameplay tricks, mechanics and little secrets worth learning and enjoying.

Edit: Just to add, I’ve been considering getting the mod that lets you have more characters, or using a family account on Steam… to level a few more psykers again. :joy: God how I would love to experience it all over again with everything I know now!


it has to be zealot for me. when i’m in the zone i can carry pretty much any team on any difficulty. it’s also just super fun since dodging around is satisfying and so is using the ult when you’re surrounded and/or trying to get off clutch revives. i also just like how she looks the most lol


My preference is;
Ogryn > Zealot >>>>>>> Veteran >>>>>>>>>> Psyker


Zealot… great talent tree, and I love to be in melee.

veteran is second. But due to the keystones, it is far under the zealot. Veteran is fun to play, but keystone are not. The exact contrary of zealot. but, if you ask me, the community should not have asked for these keystones that modified in bad the talent tree.

Ogryn in third. fun to play, a little too easy. However, this is a slow gameplay, something that bores me really fast.

Psyker… well… I don’t like. I have played the class a lot less than others (but sure more than 100 hours), but I don’t like this class. I have given up trying to play with this class.

Conclusion: keystones and talent tree modified my way to play. In fact, it lowered a lot my interest for psyker and also veteran. For veteran, I can play it and take pleasure even with these keystones uninteresting. But psyker… no way. I don’t like at all what is this class.


Zealot and Vet I play more than Ogryn and Psyker


I gotta say I dislike playing psyker, especially with staves. Feels like I’m playing starcraft with how I’m trying to finagle my hands.

I’m roughly 30% with zealot/psyker/vet with the last 10 % of my playtime spent on ogryn.
I don’t really have a strong preference.

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I HATE playing ogryn. It feels like trying to move underwater.
And my favorite class is the zealot. I’m sure you can guess why.


the zealot experience


I have the water problem with veteran the most, its movement is terrible. Sure, ogryn is slow and has short dodges, but once veteran runs out of stamina or starts getting into the thick of melee, it controls like garbage.

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Zealot/Ogryn for me, the other two are just not interesting to me at all.

And thus, the Emperor created the kitchen knife

:notes: holy music plays :notes:

  1. Veteran
  2. Psyker
  3. Ogryn and Zealot are tied

Even though Vet isn’t as fun as they used to it’s still the one i prefer.


:pray: And stamina curios with stamina regeneration perks :pray:


Psyker/Vet for me.

Ogryn is too slow and has few interesting weapons, and zealot is too boring.

Psyker has the most variety in its kit and the highest potential for interesting technical gameplay. The purity of veteran’s gun-only style (assuming we ever get that back) is unique among the classes.

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With these new penances I’ve opened a third eye and my favourite became Veteran
(even tho I still voted Ogryn because he’s my comfort play and still is my main).

Holy moly this dude kills everything, so much so that I not even once thought to myself:

  • Wow another archetype would rock here

Played with Power Sword, Revolver, Crack and Scream.
I picked Revolver because I like to melee everything and quickly kill stuff that I don’t want to exist on the same plane as me

Veterinarian is cool :+1:


Yeah a similar experience to me then!

I use revolver with either knife or chainsword and it’s great when constantly switching between weapons.

I might need to turn my mouse wheel sensitivity down though as its so frantic I often move on to grenade when trying to switch between the 2 :joy:

I reckon if you’ve not levelled all four characters then you’ve missed out. Got my four leaved clover in Jan 2023 :wink:

Just like you @MadMartigan , I’ve had times when I’ve loaded the game knowing exactly which character I’m going to start with. Although once at 30 and comfortable at (the old) tier 5 with each, I’ve tended to play each character fairly equally each week to complete the Melk missions.

I’m just looking at my character levels: Zealot is out front at +237, Vet +160, Psyker +139, Ogryn +128.

For a long while Psyker was my favourite, but then they changed Surge Staff and I went off it. Ogryn has always been my least favourite; I feel locked in to heavy swings and that’s not really my style.

I reckon zealot is most popular as it’s the most self-sufficient and also the one that gives most scope for making errors and yet still surviving. As most of us do pugs I bet, the less you have to rely on teammates the easier it is. Bit sad, but true.

  1. Zealot
  2. Ogryn & Vet are on the same place
  3. Psyker
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