Favourite archetype POLL

I’ve now completed all the archetype specific penances with the exception of the private games and, honestly, credit where it’s due - FS have made a game that’s immensely fun as each type. Even each class that I’ve been forced to play for penances I’ve ended up really enjoying. I’ve often thought “this is now my favourite archetype!” but then I ended up surprising myself and saying that each time I switched to a different archetype lol.

But now I’ve completed them all I’m pondering which one I’d like to use as my “go-to”. This used to be Ogryn but now, again surprising myself, I feel I want to play as Vet with weapons specialist (the righthand keystone right?). I found that constantly and rapidly switching between melee and ranged is pure beast mode with the right abilities etc. Vet used to be my least favourite but after being forced through penances to try every style of every type… It now might be my favourite.

So I’m curious what most of you prefer as your “go-to” to just play for fun or to materials grind etc. If you could only choose 1 archetype to play on with, which would it be? And does your answer surprise you?

I will hazard a guess that zealot will be most popular but very curious to find out.

I’d set up a poll for people to select their fav archetype for fun, but I don’t know how :joy:



  • Ogryn
  • Psyker
  • Veteran
  • Zealot
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Psyker / Zealot

In that particular order. Vet is just boring to me. Both in archetype and playstyle since it brings nothing unique to the table in terms of gameplay experience. Psyker can do both insane magic boi and gunslinger bullet hose.
Zealot is for when I want to become a blender. Ogryn is for chill runs in either melee or ranged flavour.

Doing the Vet penances to unlock the final tier of rewards almost made me quit (yet again). Don’t get me wrong the class is strong, but inherently boring.


If you had to choose one though… Which would it be? :smiling_face:

If you have trouble deciding then that’s more kudos to FS!

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I predominately play Ogryn in solo queue and there’s just no way you can be mad at or with the big lads. The opportunities for a little RP in chat often bring out the cheer and keep it loose.


I like playing Zealot because I’m a very aggressive and fast-paced player, and I love being rewarded for charging directly into a bunch of enemies like an idiot. It suits me perfectly and I feel so awesome, until I get owned 30m away from the team and die because nobody picked me up (the correct thing to do in that situation).


Reminds me of that quote about rushing zealots clutching: “I am the solution the problems I probably helped create!”

Bless your heart, fellow push enjoyer.


30% Psyker,
29% Zealot,
29% Ogryn,
12% Veteran!

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For me it’s clearly veteran - mostly because I like roleplaying a guardsman in my head.

A close second is zealot - it‘s far easier and more relaxing and tons of fun.

Wether Ogryn and psyker make it on third depends very much on my mood.

Fact is: I really like all four archetypes - FS did a good job here! :+1:


Yeah I forgot how fun vet can be. It was the first type I used and then never went back after playing the others. After revisiting due to penances… I got to try out different builds and have really enjoyed it.

Poll results are interesting so far!


Gameplay wise:

  1. Veteran
  2. Zealot
  3. Psyker
  4. Ogryn

Character/Theme wise:

  1. Ogryn
  2. Zealot
  3. Psyker
  4. Veteran
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Sounds like the class penances did what they were supposed to. Congratulations on learning to appreciate all of the classes and (most of) their skills :smiley:


Indeed :smiling_face:

But which would you choose to play if you could only choose one?

NORK endorses this post. GOOD JOB LADS!


Hard question to answer.

Class I can do the hardest content on? Psyker. It’s pure aggression and a dclaw takes the glass out of my cannon.

Class I like to experiment with the most? Veteran. The “crowded” talent tree means I can really fine tune for each gun. Even something like recon lasgun becomes formidable with the right spec. My next project will be shotguns.

Class I think looks the coolest? Zealot. I play paladins/warrior priests in other games.

Class I get least out of is the ogryn. I like him but there are fewer builds and weapons to like.

So technically… psyker main?


Out of curiosity, what build are you running with dclaw? The usual crit/movement scrier build and parryspamming I assume?

If we had more weapons and build variety 100% Ogryn but at the moment I’d go with Psyker.

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I got a dclaw initially to try to make a melee psyker. Standard scrier/DD build/tried different blitzes. It is quite satisfying soloing a melee horde/pogryn/Rinda Karnak without losing any hp but it is weak when you are not parrying.

These days it is my first choice on any build (gun or staff) that has kinetic deflection. I switch to it when I need to block and parry my way out of some impossible melee situation.

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Pretty much what I assumed then. Thanks for the idea though. Guess I’ll give that a go next. I’m starting to get bored of knife, after having gone through DS and the force swords for so many hours.

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