Fatshark will take "A BIT of responsibility" for the state of the game. So... who takes the rest Fatshark? You serious?

Well, for the money I’ve spent and the time I’ve spent alpha then beta testing, I expect great things.

Underdelivered I would say, is the name of the game here.

Also expecting all future gameplay content to be free if they are going down the “Freenium” route.

Remember, actions talk louder than words. No white knighting til they show they put their mouth where… is.

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I didn’t see the original post (and I am not going to search for it as if you are going to make a topic based on it here you should provide that), but a little bit of responsibility could mean the CM’s take a little bit of responsibility for not communicating as well as they could have, completely separate from what everyone else jumps to the conclusion of and without a link to said post this is just meaningless and taken out of context.

Next time provide a link so I have context, don’t just cut/paste a response that suits your agenda.



Hopefully the comms coming this week will offer a bit more clarity on the situation and what we are doing to get the game to where it needs to be and include the missing elements that were discussed before launch.


It really seems like this next update sort of will usher in a new relationship between us as consumer and fat shark?


That’s what i’m aiming for, I think its important that we take a bit of responsibility for the situation we are in, but also explain a little on how we intend to fix this going forward so we can hopefully earn the trust back from the community.

Oh, btw. the new Open Letter WAS the Community Update: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/10kdxq2/for_anyone_wondering_the_open_letter_that_was/

I’m just saying I think “the rest of the responsibility”, as you said, is being taken by the CEO (publicly at least, who knows what is going on behind the scenes). So far I haven’t seen much of anything that would suggest that FS is trying to blame the players or anybody outside of the company for the game underdelivering. I think you’re reading too much into it tbh.

Yeah. I’ve lost hope. This is what we get after all this time. What a disgrace.