Fatshark size

As a new player to the game…never playing the first.

Is the size of Fatshark mean that changes will be slow to come? I really like this game but I am wondering if I step away for a few months if that would give them the time they need to resolve some of the issues.

From late game issues like no green dust to disconnects from the host leaving game(broken connections). Director balance issues and the difficult challenge of balancing the classes.

If they have a very small team working on this it may take some time. I believe all of these issues can and will be fixed but even with big devs it can take months.

People love to point at left4dead but it took them a long time to get it right and they had a much bigger team with alot more resources I would guess.

To people who played through the first game. How long did it take for them to polish things up?

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They have done a lot of patching since launch - we’re beta testing patch number 5 right now. I think they are doing a rather good job, though there is a lot to do.

They aim to add dedicated servers around the end of this month, so that should help with the disconnect issues.

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Good…as a new player and new to the community I am glad to see them doing so much with a small team.

Plus with the game only costing $30 (atleast in the US) I have more than got my money’s worth.

When this game drops down to $15 the playerbase should go through the roof. Hopefully by then a lot of these “easy” to fix issues will be resolved.

Kind of a Rainbow Six Seige situation.

I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but they did a great job at fixing the first Vermintide, which was arguably worse at launch than V2. They will (and currently are) fixing many issues, mostly with the game’s stability, but since they are a smaller indie team it will take longer than even other indie games, considering how ambitious the game is.

I would say that it will take a couple of months or so until the game is more along the lines of ‘what they want it to be.’ Supposedly they had to release it early because of the due date set by the publisher, so as we can see a lot hasn’t been polished or finished.

I was not aware of the publisher launch date not exactly lining up with when the game was ready.

That would more than explain the issues.

Most games whether they AAA or not seem to get released before they are truly ready. Part of being in the business I presume.

I’m not sure if the info is official, but that’s what a lot of people are saying, and it seems to line up with everything.

More and more games are being prematurely released due to publishers becoming bigger and expecting a flow of products to release to keep the ship sailing. Can put pressure on smaller indie devs, and even triple-A devs to an extent.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with some of the devs earlier on. As I asked they confirmed being around 70 people. Out of those I do not know how many that work directly with development of the game, but I know from other sources that amongst these, 4 of them are testers. Considering the product I think that is a decent amount (working with development myself).

Based on my experience with the previous game they were working tirelessly with improvements then aswell, and managed to dish them out at a regular basis. Bear in mind that that was with a smaller team than they have today, so I am optimistic in regards to V2’s future.

Furthermore, as people above pointed out, they are already addressing balancing, making broken talents work, and looking into some core mechanics with the patch that is currently in beta state. The changes have recieved mixed responses, but the fact the patch is in beta state is in itself a very good sign. That basically means that the devs acknowledge the difficulty of the balancing, as well as their willingness to take input from the fanbase.

Good signs indeed.


Well we can all agree that Fatshark are cool dudes and they care about their games, but we also can’t deny that the live version is still massively broken a month after launch. I don’t doubt that they’ll get everything in order, but God only knows how long it’ll take them.

Anyway the game is still great. I think so at least. When you’re not playing legend.

not sure what you mean by ‘massively broken’

i can:

  • get all weapons and kill anything with them
  • complete all levels with full tomes and grims
  • complete all difficulty levels
  • level to 30 on all characters and use their abilities in combat
  • use the crafting system to breakdown/craft/apply illusions

every game has it’s bugs and balance issues, but calling this game massively broken, is a massive missed shot imo.


Well now we’re arguing semantics, but I think not having cleave and stagger applying at all is pretty massive. Feel free to disagree, this is one of those discussions that’ll lead nowhere.

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I think you’re right that these are big problems - but the game is not broken, because it DOES work . . . just not quite as intended. It’s not just a semantic difference, since we can play, all the launch content is available, just not quite in the form intended.

ARGUING SEMANTICS! LOL! Massively borken is massively broken. Massive as in “almost everything”, “90% broken”, “unplayable”.

Those were just a selection of synonyms related to “Massively broken”. Semantics. Lol.

and the man goes for it anyway
1/10 made me reply

And to be honest i read about many bug here and there but like rly so far I experience only two “big” bugs. Once when huk rat target me, we went thru bridge - somehow I died on bridge and the tome that I carry fell down and we can’t retake it. Second more of graphical bug on skitering map in caves my eyes went out of orbit cose of light. Tho now thx to reddit user I know which graphic option that was and now its more or less ok.
The rest of bugs ye I read about them but honestly I did not experience them.

To the OP don’t worry and have fun from game. As you said it is only 30$ game. I would personaly pay 100$. Why? One month after relaese, just one month…I have 221h on V2. And I’m not going to stop. That is more that I could ever ask for.

/sorry for my English.

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