Fatshark really thinks we are Ogryns IRL. Back to FOMO the premium store goes, back to manipulation we go

Ok Fatshark, you really think we are Ogryns. I don’t know what to say. You removed premium store FOMO timer, we thought you understood but again you 1 step forward, 2 steps back, as usual. Vermintide 2 had catalogue cosmetic store and nobody was OVERWHELMED/CONFUSED. Amazon is doing fine despite having millions products and people are not OVERWHELMED/CONFUSED. Maybe once you had hundreds of cosmetic items that argument MAYBE would have some weight behind it. Here we all know it’s pure lie.

We all know you want to use FOMO tactic to create sense of urgency to manipulate us into buying comsmetics in fear of missing them out. So we buy on impulse (FOMO store) instead of making well-thought purchase (Catalogue).

Thank for treating me like Ogryn


Tencent says put the FOMO back in.

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Fine post, thank you.
While I love the Ogryns overall, I still would like a shop as the one in Vermintide 2 (real money prices, no timer, whole catalogue available).

first off yes we all wish we just got a catalog,

that said…

ya isnt any discount FOMO? which is what Fatshark has said these are?
also the main worry was we didnt know if these would ever come back and their was no 2400 Bundle.

well as Fatshark has said it right below your highlight
(Rest Assured the Cosmetics are not gone forever and will likely reappear)
so these arnt gone forever and will reappear, perhaps though not at a discount.

also the 2400 bundle has been added to the store so theirs no more issue there ether.

i think this is a net positive minus the no catalog yet… maybe in the future.

They need to publish the rotation time interval or even the whole schedule or its still just as bad for FOMO.

Unfortunately we all pretty much have the reasoning of an Ogryn IRL. All of us gave them our money, no no, we dumped our money on Fatshark for Darktide. We allowed ourselves to be swindled and deceived because Warhammer was attached to the name and we trusted what Fatshark has done in the past.

We didn’t understand what it meant for Fatshark to sell themselves to Tencent for profit.

Now we do.

Not all of us. I refunded the last day of the beta. I’m sure others did too, but I’d be curious to see exact figures (not that that’ll ever happen).

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That was terribly worded for sure.

I wanna know what they were planning to do when the timer that was there ran out? Obviously they didn’t have any more cosmetic to put in the store, because you know they would be available for money right now if they were ready.

They removed the timer because the new assets are not ready. That is the only reason the timer disappeared in my opinion and their response about it is just a lie