Fatshark, pls, fix this map faster

Residential block “Drayko”.
3 of the 3 teams of players I played with used this buggy shortcut. And I had to quit games because I want to play the FULL map, I want to kill more heretics.
In the last match, only 1 player decided to use the bug. Someone helped him, but then they both died, and we (me and the 2nd pseiker) decided to go the right way (though we then stupidly died from the 2 remaining regular shooters, but not the point). The shock is that this player, who used the bug, started accusing us that he still have to wait 5 weeks or something like that to pass this map, and we are guilty of not cheating. HA!

Please, dear remaining players, pass this map normally, without these pathetic tricks for casuals.
And Fatshark, please fix this as soon as possible, I’m sure you know what I mean.


One guy tried doing this by pretending he fell by accident, saying “help I fell” but the rest of us knew what he was trying to do, so we just let him die, and he left the game lol.

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