Fatshark- Legacy Keriliian skin hairs looks horrible unfinished (Grey Noodles) vs V1 default skin hairs. Also they should be silver. Please kindly fix her hairs, they look terrible

Look at that noodles!:


what’s wrong, it looks pretty cool to me?

Compare the texture of her hairs on this one vs her default Waystalker and Handmaiden skins from V2- totally different.

Those one here look like grey noodles, not hairs. Look at her fur textures around her arms even- they look much better than her grey noodle hairs.

I just highlight it looks so out of place vs her other textures that i looks like she has cheap azz wig :smiley:

V2 Grey Noodles (V2 should have better graphics etc.) - Highest settings.



V1 Silver Hairs (not even high res picture like above):


As you can see in V2 her hairs seems to be unfinished (look like grey noodles without proper textures) and in V1 they actually look like hair and have silver, not gry color. Kerillian have silver hairs.

Imo it looks super lame right now. I know it’s not major thing in game right now but since I was pretty excited to get Legacy Skin for owning V1 I am disappointed that her hairs are not at least V1 quality…

Also compare armor Fur V2 vs V1.

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