Fatshark is bugged

I can’t select the mission I want. I can’t select the difficulty I want. I can’t buy the weapon I want. Only crusher I’ve found since the patch in that god-awful store is 40% damage. Either Fatshark’s developers are slow (like dumb slow) or their mind is genuinely bugged. The only other explanation for this I can find is that they have implemented a predatory system and they don’t want to backtrack either by outside pressure (tencent) or sheer hubris. This is ridiculous. I am soooo damn regretful of having given them 40€ for an unfinished game… Never again, Fatshark. Never again will I buy a game from you at release. At least a year later. And I will buy the key for 5-10€ and have a blast with a finished game instead of paying 40€ for an unfinished product. Back to VT2.


Fatshark needs to patch out Fatshark in the next patch.

Fatshark has become game-breaking.