Fatshark is actually fixing bugs?

There were many bugs on ps4 b…b…but they are fixed? I know some devs who sont do this like Bli… i mean Activision :expressionless:

This game and the last one has the nicknames of “bugtide” but the fatshark studio does try to fix them :stuck_out_tongue:

Was pretty funny tho recently, got into a quickplay match with a guy from the fatshark studio (apparently signified by orange text when he wrote) and we ran into a bunch of bugs almost right away, like rats walking through walls and flying around as well as teleporting specials.

I cant even imagine how awkward it must have been for the poor guy :rofl:

still not enough because some bugs persists nowadays :smiley:

What? Lolol :joy:

This isn’t a bug, and it’s well know how to reproduce it. Simply under clock your CPU and only let it use 1 core. At the same time, people with really bad PCs have this happen normally. If the hosts PC has a bad CPU, it will happen anytime the game gets intense and spawns a lot of mobs. Especially at map change spots, like dropping down the hole on Convication of Decay or putting all the barrels in the cart on hunger in the dark.

If this is happening on consoles, well… they are consoles…

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Unfortunate, but accurate. It really does rely on the host having a powerful machine. Even with ping, lots of our group members select folks with the newest towers for hosting because they know that, despite the ping, the bad-guys will still operate within the bounds of reality.

I don’t own it for consoles, but I can imagine that they come up short in a few categories for VT2; the game is really demands a lot from the hardware.

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