@Fatshark: EXACTLY what is wrong with the Slab Shield

The ogryn should not suffer from this from any weapon frankly. The ogryn should treat everything like its a light weight foam boffer and just be implacable. He can be slow and clumsy but essentially feel methodical and unstoppable at the same time. Its so strange to me how fatshark seems afraid of making him awesome.

I have a level 30 ogryn i play rarely. I clear damnation hi-int with him. But i mostly want him to be better so i can enjoy watching him beat stuff up in my games when OTHER people play him.


This is very dumb, normal melee weapons are still considered blocking when you push.


Added a new point after playing some games today with the shield.


Props to Fatshark for trying to capture the flavour of the slab shield, but gameplay wise it just doesn’t work: damage is significantly below weapon average, mitigation is too situational and expensive, even how enemies interact with players means that the slab shield feels horrible to use 95% of the time.

The shield lock is meant to be done by a team of slabgryns, locking the shields together to create an advancing wall, so it’s weird how it translates into being locked into place in the game, especially in a game that has such a large emphasis (intentional or not) on mobility and positioning.

It also just feels bad when something the size and weight of a bulkhead door does barely any damage. With the strength of an ogryn it should feel like being hit by a car. It gets half of it right in that it knocks everyone around, but the lack of damage dealt is jarring.

Blocking las fire and small arms shouldn’t deplete stamina that quickly, it just adds to the general weakness feeling of the weapon and ogryn when you can’t even hold it up against gunfire for 3 seconds without locking the shield.

Enemies walking through the shield and player characters seem like an engine/game logic issue that affects everyone, but it feels much worse with the shield out, locked or not.


Personally, I’d rather they made a new MK variant and keep the infinite block in the game. I like it and have used it to great effect. Literally pulling aggro from all shooters and a pack of demolishers with some gunner support. But yeah it can backfire, but that’s when the player had to make a smart decision. You can periodically release block and reposition, sometimes attack etc.

If you have a bad shieldgryn, you’re gonna have a bad time. Same with every class really. Some people can’t aim for shiz, are you gonna remove aiming from the game because idiots who can’t aim ruin your game? No, git gud.

Do you want any and all weapons and abilities to have no downsides, require no skill to use and always result in a brilliant outcome regardless of a players use of it? Of course not, that would be boring.

The other buffs sound good to me, though.

Not a bad take at all. The special definitely requires good judgement to use effectively, but using it badly often throws games and the people that use it well barely get more value than people that just don’t use it in the first place. I would like to add that most of the “good” shieldgryns almost never use the special. Having a stamina curio and stacking block efficiency is infinitely better than being stationary and let’s you actually advance with the team.

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Totally agree with regard to the field of vision when using the special. I honestly thought it was my settings that had broke it but having seen other people struggling it soon became my least favorite weapon for Ogryn… despite playing all Vermintide2 sheilds without issue. I would love fatshark to come up with some sheild-gryn class with feats/perks/blessings and specials that would give him some versatility in that role… I’m surprised there isnn’t anything in the works for some force sheild to deal with the range enemies but, like gren gauntlet, can effectively used at melee range to shove people out the way…

Some nice ogryn weapons and weapon fixes came out today which is great, but Slabby still needs love.

Really wish they would buff the shield already. Why are they completely ignoring it? It’s the only shield in the game and yet we have complained and explained exactly what needs to be fixed with it and they haven’t done a damn thing since launch. They have given the Stubber and Ripper two updates, yet the single shield? Nothing. It’s a joke. Give light attack 20 more damage a hit (even if the weapon was 100% damage stat it still wouldn’t even be 100 damage, like are you kidding?), make the 2nd heavy hit stronger than a light attack ( there is literally no reason a heavy should deal less damage than a light attack), and make the shield continue to block when you push with it. It’s that simple and yet they are dragging their feet.

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More damage
Remove shield plant special and make it a power maul
Remove all stamina loss from blocking ranged fire