Fatshark devs should take responability for key mods like neuter ult effects by implementing them into the game because the owner has clearly abandoned it

This is the mod im talking about Steam Workshop::Neuter Ult Effects

Im sure i speak for the majority of players when i say this is an essential mod. I personally dont know anyone on my friends list of 150+ players who dont use it.

As someone who plays every single class in the game without this mod im now locked out of the majority of classes because of horrible overlays that shouldnt exist in the first place.

Fatshark need to take responsibility and put this mod into the main game like they have done with other popular mods because its obviously been abandoned by the owner.

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I don’t :smiley:

Well, it’s a difficult issue.

On the one hand mods were already a cherry on top.
It seems that they’ve all but abandoned it: no new approved mods.
So, saying that they shall be responsible for 3 party mods is taking it too far.

On the other hand… I can’t play the game because my UI mod is broken again by the recent patch.
Mods have made the game much better overall. I might have abandoned the game altogether if not for them.
It’d be really great if FS could notify the mod makers in advance about the upcoming changes or provided them with beta access — it’d give them some time to be ready for the patch.

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