Fatshark, can you PLEASE not have characters criticize you for healing when there are FOUR charges on the Medicae

I’ve been playing VT2 and Darktide for a long time. I’m pretty darn decent, and don’t take many hits at all. But when there are four charges on the Medicae station, am I still going to top up 30 health? Yes, that 30 health could be the difference between winning and losing if SHTF.

But EVERY SINGLE TIME, it’s “oh perhaps you should spend more time in Flagellation,” or “STOP WASTING THE HEALS” from the voice lines. It’s like the GAME IS PUNISHING YOU FOR BEING GOOD. What kind of crap logic is that? Every single time. I’m sick of it. It’s on all my videos clear as day. Please, show me a single time on one of my videos where I am blatantly wasting the Medicae when someone else needs it more.

Look. I get it. You want to educate newer players not to waste heals. But can you simply make it so if there are enough heals for everyone who is hurt, that the characters shut the f up? Better yet, on damnation, save these voice lines only for people who double heal on damnation? Chances are we’ve spoken about who should heal in premades if the game is premade, and if it’s a pub, I don’t need my character to do it. I can say it myself in the voice chat.



This is a new candidate to add to the bottom of the priority list.


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only servitors criticizing your health choices.


Not the servitors doofus. Do you even play? It’s other characters.

This wasn’t an issue in Vermintide 2 because all heals were portable items. Medicae stations are in place, and you have to move past them (which is a fine system). So even if only one teammate is missing 30 health and everyone else is full, obviously that one teammate is going to take the Medicae before the team moves on. But this triggers the criticism voiceline every single time.

Make this a low-priority concern sure, but I don’t understand how this isn’t a legitimate annoyance. What does Fatshark wants us to do, just skip the Medicae as a team if no one is missing more than 30% health? This is what they have the characters saying. It’s frustrating and interrupts space for legitimate character voiceline callouts like “sniper” or whatever.

It’s not a legitimate annoyance because who the hell gets genuinely bothered by what the automated bot response of a non existing character gives to your actions?

Man… do you really think that the game is picking at YOU SPECIFICALLY for being good and healing?


Small details matter when it comes to the end product. It’s about having passion for your craft, like how the Witcher 3 has dialogue options specifically for people who manage to do story events out of order.

It’s absolutely immersion breaking to be criticized or criticizing for healing when it’s the tactical choice, yes.

We are trashy rejects. Prisoners that get used as cannon fodder.

I would say that it is lore accurate and immersive for us to be told that we are wasting medicae, when ever we use it. Especially, when we are not close to death.

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Man got hit into the deep feelings by the game, dam, what a gamer. :))) He is one of dis guys that reload rpg save file if he hurt feelings of favorite npc, just like me T.T
Cmon boy, don’t show them your weakness :)))

Well, all the characters are constantly bitching at each other for various reasons, one more doesn’t change anything, plus it’s funny. Just stop taking it personal and enjoy, you are not your character.

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Eh this is true I guess. I don’t take it personal I just find it annoying.

I bet you get offended when kerillian calls you a lumberfoot as well!


Nope. That’s endearing. It’s in character. Meanwhile, do our Darktide characters like each other? Respect each other? Hate each other? Even between the same two voices they literally cannot make up their mind.

Like come on, I know this is a low priority issue, but it is still an issue in that there’s clearly flaws and room for improvement.

The ammo ones annoy me more, half the team rushes past a drop, you dare touch one of the many ammo packs going uncollected and comms ping for the Vet to give you a LIMITED AMMO DUDN’T MEAN LIMITEDTU YAOOucadia.


That too. 100%. The game requirements that made the characters of Vermintide 2 b*tch and moan at each other weren’t nearly this easy to trigger.

Its like getting into a jail and ask other prisoners if they have any respect towards you xD. The only thing that these “people” on Morningstar have in common is the fact that they will die if they can’t work in team.

Those fat sharks didn’t give us anything else about characters :slight_smile:

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