Bug Reports & Quality of Life improvements

These bug reports are just what I’ve noticed in the pre-order Beta which might not even be bugs but gameplay mechanics and everything is subject to change on release. I also posted some quality of life improvements that I think would benefit any Reject.
The issues stated below are not in any order of importance.

Obviously I’m loving the game so far and want it to succeed, I’m sure that Fatshark will not disappoint regardless

  1. When fully healing with the Medicae Station your Corruption remains and increases rapidly over time for a small amount after the healing occurs. [You shall not heal!] - EDIT: Grimoire Corruption?

  2. The Mutant Charger can throw you into areas you can get stuck and unable to get unstuck or even be killed. [Talk about a smack-down]

  3. Please enable Strike Team Chat during the loading screen (dropship scene) to get to know your strike team and discuss tactics. [Inmate PR]

  4. Enemies being able to hit you with ranged weapons even behind full cover. E.g. crouched behind boxes/objects [The Emperor does not approve hiding]

  5. The Beast of Nurgle’s acids are reported as a registered hit with an indicator even though it does no damage. Please remove the indicator for better perception of any additional enemies. [Pass the salt-launcher, fast!]

  6. The secondary objective items (grimoires/scriptures) should respawn at the closest edge, if you happen to die or by being exploded off a bridge. [A librarian’s nightmare]

  7. A bigger/clearer class symbol in the game’s HUD on which class is each character. [Who dis?]

  8. A voice indicator icon in the game’s HUD when you are speaking as well. [Dis me?]

  9. Information on what weapon stats mean.
    A. Finesse = attack speed or stamina?
    B. Cleave Targets = size of cleaving area?
    C. Stopping power = Stagger chance?
    D. First Target = meaning that the 1st target takes more damage?
    [Yes, I’ve brought a gife to a knunfight]

  10. Staggering while being shot at when running/sprinting should be more punishing, less annoying. [Hmm… Not sure if seizure or earthquake]

  11. Sometimes the Menu options reset back to default and the Fullscreen option changes to Borderless Window. [Déjà vu]

  12. Health UI of teammates on HUD sometimes overlaps and you have to reset your resolution for it to be fixed. [Am I you? Or U I?]

  13. Chastise the Wicked & Bull Rush charges get interrupted by enemy ranged fire. Which shouldn’t since it’s an ability with a cooldown that is meant to close that gap. Also needs more tweaking. [For the Emperor!]

  14. When extracted, the dropship platform should be fixed to be able to get on it seamlessly. [GET TO THE CHOPPA!!]

  15. Refresh timer for the stock of shops to be more visible or coloured. [Shopping therapy]

  16. To be able to see Penances within missions. [I have to do WHAT now?]

  17. To be able to unbind the mouse scroll wheel to avoid swapping weapons when pinging. [Wheelies]

  18. General performance/stability/connectivity issues need to be fixed or adressed as soon as possible.

  19. Scoreboard needs to be added. One can only be improved by reflecting on past mistakes.

  20. The Flamethrower single shot is not effective whatsoever and will probably not be used by anyone. [Flame off!]

  21. The Revolver even though powerful, is highly ineffective with a low magazine count and a slow 1-by-1 bullet reload. [It’s high noon]

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the heavy Bolter, please note that every time you switch to the bolter, the animation racks the bolt backwards one more time, which is very annoying.

in real life, if you rack the bolt of a weapon, let’s say an AK, you load one round from the magazine into the chamber, and if you do this one more time you will extract the round from the chamber and kick it out of the weapon.

even if you think (which is not true) that a bolter doesn’t have a case, you still need an extractor, incase if the round doesn’t fire or jammed you need to extract the dud round, so yes this animation should be there.

so in the animation, it’s either you stop racking the bolt every dam time, or if you still want to slow down the weapon animation, you will need to extract a round and the round counter will go down by one.

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also, how many loading screens you need to jump into the game? and why do i have to run around to get to the shop/place that i need?

can you please make a normal easy UI screen to just select the character/weapon and jump into the fight? i don’t need to run around the map looking for how other look if this is what you are thinking.

at least give us the option to opt out, and go for the simple UI, and stop loading 4 times to play a game/

They will probably work on the loading screens.
I understand the frustration of loading into the Mourningstar every time which takes a while as well.