Faction Boss Ideas

Just a thought, how about adding some more mechanics for each of the boss fights, and have the mechanics change depending on difficulty? If not a flat gameplay change (minor new changes), maybe a new game mode that spawns you outside the encounter, lengthens boss fights and adds new mechanics/phases of fights? (in the future after the majority of current issues are fixed)

so for example

Recruit: fewest mechanics/complications, almost straight tank/spank

Veteran: 1-2max new attacks, adds, or mechanics

Champion: additional attack pattern/abilities, new movements/strategies for kills

Legend: everything from above + new dialogue/phases, more complicated attack patterns, higher skill requirement and teamwork efficiency.

I love boss fights and want them more exciting/heart pounding. These are the big badasses of the factions, i want to be scared :smiley:


i disagree with changing the mechanics of bosses on different difficulties: the mechanics should remain the same throughout, just the toughness/adds spawning should change. i like the current system as it is, although i am VERY disappointed by them nerfing halescourge like 3 times because people just don’t want to learn how to avoid the boss mechanics. it’s too easy now.

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Then how about idea 2? They would scale with difficulty In the special boss mode/new deed type (where it spawns you outside the encounter and lengthens the fight/adds new mechanics/phases). I agree for the normal game atm, it feels good, but I hunger for longer, more in depth faction bosses (in a new mode :wink: )

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