Extremely low FPS, stuttering and disconnects since Hotfix 1.0.14

Ever since Hotfix 1.0.14, this game has been unplayable on my PC. I had next to no issues running the game on medium settings prior to the hotfix, or in either of the betas. Since this patch the game has been performing very poorly. When I start a match, the frames are so low it looks like a slideshow. I stagger around for a few seconds and then I get disconnected with error code 2001 or 2006, if the game doesn’t just hard crash. I tried changing all of my settings to low, to no effect. I even tried changing settings in the config file to no effect. I reinstalled the game - again, no effect. Anyone else having these issues? I really enjoyed this game during the betas and now I can’t even play.

console-2022-12-13-23.25.54-4d1c30bc-d90a-4fa5-abac-6b276105cb27.log (1.5 MB)
console-2022-12-14-16.56.43-b5cfc989-e0d6-4afc-ab97-270a0e771016.log (610.5 KB)
console-2022-12-13-23.18.14-c502d3c0-176b-4758-aa2a-50f3e1bbd74f.log (29.8 KB)

nothing has changed from beta for me but funnily alpha ran perfectly beta and final version have been as awful as possible for errors dc’s.


got some awful performances issues since the patch as well, not exactly the same as yours but i’m talking stuttering and stuff when the game was running perfectly smoothly before…

Yeah same here! Before the latest patch everything ran quite smooth and after that the game for me is completly unplayable - Stutters and Lags for days, low FPS and my CPU + GPU are at around 40% Util. (RX6800 and 2800X).

It’s not fun to play atm unfortunately, even if I can get Past Multiple Errors 2006, 2003 & 9999)

getting massive stutters only when making a group with my friends, when alone its fine