Every performance patch made the game run worst for me (added logs)

Ok so before I complain I just want to say I absolutely love this game, you did a great job with the gameplay and atmosphere Fatshark.

But for myself and many other users every so called performance patch only made things worst 1.0.6 was when my game was performing the best (max 120 and drop to 80/90) and every update after that only made my peak FPS lower and the drop worst.

Now after the launch update the game has become quite unplayeable my average frames are a very janky feeling 70 fps with frequent dips to 40.

I’ve tried changing every setting I could, even messing with the config file doing some OC tweak nothing really changes performance, only patches do.

I’ve also heard that the game was running much better on some people hardware but it seems in doing so you broke other people performance.

Console log :
console-2022-11-30-21.29.14-0d777043-8dab-45f0-b0e4-5b14b07259e2.log (178.1 KB)

Darktide launcher log :
darktide_launcher.log (539.8 KB)

RTX 2080 8GB
Intel(R) Core™ i5-9600KF CPU @ (SMALL OC) 3.70GHz
16 GB of DDR4
2.1 SSD

Since release I got a huge memory bleed which crashes the game after like 20min. Tried all settings, but it does not help. The betas were great and running smooth.

To clarify, the game itself runs great, but since release the RAM runs slowly full and when it does it gets unplayable and crashes short time after.


My game run badly but at least not any crashes so far, hope it gets fixed soon so everyone can enjoy this game