Extreme Network Problems

Is it just me or has the network problem just gone worse than it was before chaos wastes?

People get disconnected from my games frequently and I so far had only one game with a ping below 100 …

If I play CSGO my ping is usally below 40 all the time, so it can’t be a problem on my side?

Can mods lead to that issue?


Mods definitely can lead to crashing especially if they haven’t been updated for CW.
I disabled all my mods and have had very little crashes on my end.
I’d recommend hosting your own lobbies to not get into any games with high ping.

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Certainly try disabling your mods and see if there’s any improvement, some have been known to cause connectivity issues. Like Rat says above, some still haven’t been updated for Chaos Wastes. :slight_smile:

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