+ Experience modifier on max level curios

I was excited to see i rolled a legendary curio as Emperor’sGift, turns out it’s complete trash

Could you guys please at least remove the + experience bonus on max level items modifiers table ?

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Staff can also roll stamina for blocking, and bonuses for the 2nd and 3rd shot of Veteran’s Salvo ability. :slight_smile:

Also, the Hipfire while sprinting is pretty much useless on 3/4 staffs, and on the flamestorm staff it just doesn’t work. It immediately stops you from sprinting. Which is arguably the only staff you would want it on in the first place.

Yea i’m assuming it’s not very polished yet

Hopefully crafting will let us reroll modifiers ?

I have not tested the difference with a +stam on staff, however I am 100% positive saying that when reviving a teammate, I do not have the stamina of my force sword, I have more than that.
This +stam rolls are probably affecting this.
This is niche, but still has a use.

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bump and quadruple this motion. I’ve bricked so many of my curios rolling +experience on their epic or legendary roll. Moronic that is can even roll +exp when you are max level.

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Hope you’re ready to get a 20% HP legendary curio with Exp increase, 15% chance at curios, and 3% ability recharge rate and not being able to do a thing about it since they will only let you reroll one perk on a weapon or curio next week.