Executions kill for temp health?

Hi. Is there a way to implement some sort of execution kill of an enemy, that would generate temp health in case stagger mechanic and temp health mechanic remains within darktide gameplay concept?

As long term Dawn of war 1/2 and Space marine game fan, i fell in love with those. They provided certain kind of immersion into brutality that wh40k universe represents, i’d love to have something like that in Darktide.

Wouldn’t be so easy to execute, yet highly rewarding in case of success.

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I loved the animations for kills too, but it stopped Dawn of War getting truly competitive as the sync-kills often kept a unit alive far longer than usual while it was immune during the animation, meaning it might outlast other units around it making it annoying to have to focus-fire your units on something not in a sync-anim state. Micro management nightmare.

Sync kills in Darktide would likely have the same effect. If you got killed performing a sync kill you’d be annoyed and never use the sync-kills, but if a sync-kill anim made you immune then you might survive an overhead(for example) that would otherwise have downed you allowing you to fight on when you should’ve been downed. Having some kind of AoE stagger of the enemies away from you - like in Shadow of Mordor - when you perform a sync-kill would make sync-kills overpowered.

A really nice idea, but very hard to implement.

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I understand what you mean, although i dont nessesarily think it was game breaking in dow. Fact that units kept shooting executioning unit was tad bit annoying though, i do agree.

Doesn’t have to be part of core mechanic, more like a situational highrisk/highreward option. Not giving you imunity in a middle of a fight, that would be too abusable.

It could instakill stronger enemy after being staggered, in exchange of making you highly vulnerable for lets say couple of seconds while performing execution.

You’d have to think twice when you go for it.

I’m sure there will be a temp health system but executions meh was done in Space Marine good for solo play but not in team setting IMO.

This will be horde based game not much room for an execution either besides 3 other players going for the kill/execution

1st Person Sync Kills, im totally sold!!! XD

It would pretty much had to be a quick one similar to recent doom games. I think longer animations would become annoying and repetitive quite fast.

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So, a sort of Quick-time event on mini-bosses?
Anyways, if there’s no problem in VT to have an active that turns you temporarily invulnerable/immortal/invisible, why would it be here? Is the gameplay that much different?

Sync kills oh yeah im in! But maybe put some Button smash or better a combo you have to pull of while you are being invincible for that time!