Melee Finishers (executions)

Will Melee Weapons get stuck on impact, causing the player to QTE or take time to “finish the move” or will players have an option to finish the Special with a Sync Kill?

This could incorporate some sense of Doom finishers to Darktide, or Gears of War Executions. Unlocking finishers by completing harder difficulties would be a joy to show off. Exclusive finishers, DLC, etc. This could be the next thing to add with cosmetics that would keep long time players grinding for rare finishers.

Maybe this is a specific cutscene animation and the struggle to fight Chaos will stay true to Vermintide’s Combat system but I wonder how Darktide will evolve the current system. Or should it?

I would not like the addition of melee finishers like that. The only ones I’ve ever liked were the melee kills in Battlefield 3 - they felt reasonable. But most of the time games take this as an excuse to just go needlessly flashy, and it takes me out of the game.


Don’t think so.
I am very sceptical about a melee game forcing players to waste time on locking themselves needlessly in place.
Unless, of course, it’s a trait of specific enemies that you have to finish off after incapacitating them. That’d be interesting. Probably not for cosmetics, though.


Yes, this type of finisher would only work on a small number of units. In the event one of these units pin down a teammate, you can return sweet justice by performing an execution on them to help get your ally back on their feet, assuming your in melee range.

The alternative would be the good ol’ spray and pray, peppering your ally with bullets and killing the enemy unit(which may just be the Imperial way for Darktide). An incentivized execution to replenish Stamina, or temp HP, damage buff for next clip, or something would be nice and help encourage teamwork.

No, they should not add in something like “Melee-Executions”.
Darktide is a Hordegame, not Doom or Necromunda Hired Gun, whenever you would do a melee execution you will be locked for at least 2 seconds. During those 2 seconds you are basically disabled with 0 control over anything.
You can´t help your Team and you could end up in a worse position than before the execution because the enemies don´t stop moving and could possibly surround you.

An incentivized execution to replenish Stamina, or temp HP, damage buff for next clip, or something would be nice and help encourage teamwork.

No this doesn´t encourage teamwork, this encourage me to disable myself for at least 2 seconds and be completly useless to my team to get something that only benefits me.
Teamwork shouldn´t be needed to incentivized in a PvE COOP game…but well thats just a dream of mine.

Teamwork can´t be incentivized, at least to a certain degree. Battlefield proved this long ago, there you get points for kills and capturing the objectives…sure, but for a long time now you also get (a lot) of points for dropping ammo-crates, med-packs, spotting enemies and even partial points for a kill if you damaged the enemy. And still, in many matches, the players play like it is team-deathmatch.

And wonder why 2 Tanks/Planes/Choppers dominate the entire map because all the engineers use their rockets for Infantry and even if they use it against Tanks, the Supporters don´t drop Ammo-Crates for them, sometimes because they don´t even carry them anymore because they switched them out. And the Recon-Class doesn´t bother to Laser-Mark the Target for Engineers.

The fact that you can easily dominate a 64 Player server with a Premade-Squad should actually be proof to anyone playing the Game that Teamwork WORKS but it is basically “BUT MA GREEN CIRCLES! GREEN IS DA BEST!” and that somehow holds true in every game where you can find a scoreboard.


Great points, I stand corrected. I guess we will leave the flashy stuff for the cinematics. Thanks everyone who took time to counter and express their ideas. See you in Darktide!

please for the love of the god emperor no

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