I'd like to have a good reason to kill things

I feel that killing things don’t grant any bonus(for all the group not only for the one who actually killed things). May be the “Ranald gift” is the hidden bonus i don’t know about that but if not i suggest to add some more loot or XP when more mobs have been killed. Because if you’re looking for “fast” loot or xp the best way to do it is to rush tome and grimoire and then the end of the mission which look stupid because what’s cool about the game is killing things with friends and people (at least it’s what i find cool). I’m not very good at english so please forgive mistakes. Either way this game is lot of fun.

I would also love to have more class and more talents or even more items to equip for example armor which actually change my skin AND my gives more stats. This part is less important but would give players more reason to like the game. And will also give more things to do if you wish to complete the game.

If you give a reward for killing then you get even more people wanting to pick subclasses that can kill the most. It doesn’t fit with the game’s co-op experience about surviving until the end with the most loot.


yes this is intended. if damage was rewarded, then no one would want to play tank or any kind of support class.

it’s a team game to complete your objectives, sometimes that means sneaking past things without killing them, or tanking up a whole pack so your party can kill them for you.

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I mean group bonus for xp and loot obviously it would be stupid if bonus only apply to one person i agree with you. I should have precised.

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If you give it to the whole group then you’re rewarding teams that don’t finish missions asap and since enemies keep spawning you can farm exp that way.

If you make it a little benefit then I guess you could also increase/add a static reward at the end of a mission.

Giving any importance to the killing removes focus from getting the mission done as far as I can see. Which seems to contradict the game’s design.

This has to be balanced of course but i would prefer that than having a whole team of People stuff for fight avoiding combat because it’s worthless and a waste of time.

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I think there’s so much combat that is unavoidable that there is no need to incentivize more combat. If anything I think it’s good that the game rewards speed since then it feels more like a commando mission and not a 5 (or 4, doesn’t matter) people against the world. Personal opinion, of course.

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Sure just sayin it could be better in my opinion to reward players for killing things. Because actually mobs are just walking lost of time if you just want to get objectives done asap.

Heroic deeds which increases spawn rates rewards more killing because it’s an unavoidable side effect and you get a reward.

I don’t think the scoring rules for regular runs need to be more complicated. Pubs can already get confusing at times, it’s unusual that more than one person has a mic and you already have to know where tomes/grims are to know when people run after them… I would not like having to guess if people are trying to manage threats or just kill for more xp while I’m facing another direction…

You have point there but if not xp at least loot boost or something like that something that makes mobs less useless to fight.

And ecery unneccessary encounter is a risk you don’t have to take.
Don’t rush through the wheatfield, take the path to the right where even Bardin can see something. Take the road to the left around the hill. No reason to pull everything.

I wish that “Enemies killed” stat would simply be hidden. That’s the most useless stat which tells you absolutely nothing important but leads to bad behaviour.

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I haven’t played Legend yet and very few champion games (I’m a slow learner, I’ll wait until have have a stable high level gear set + when I can run a dedicated server on a perfect connection) but I think there is generally way too much room for making bad decisions while still surviving to make any short stat summary is really useful for evaluating anything.

You can hide “Enemies killed” and still reward the group for killing them. Maybe i’m too much into the rpg aspect of the game. Also i agree on the fact that you don’t want to kill everything but just giving something. Maybe a loot buff or so.

Sometimes when you try to rush, the director spawns things that can incredibly slow your progress. If you can do each and every run without getting a scary amount of specials spawning or 3 hordes one after another 2 minutes apart, then you’re either extremely lucky,don’t play much or play on recruit.

If you need a challenge for rushing maps,then up the difficulty.

“Enemies killed” tells me nothing. Comparing to the team is pretty wortless because I am used to play with people with common sense, tactical priorities and different roles. You just need a flamethrower Sienna which regulary grills slaverats in bottlenecks and a tanking Kruber and you get heavy shifted scores. The four heroes are not comparable.
And every run is different due to different spawns and changing team members. Even your own stats aren’t comparable.

Somehow my subconsciousness tells me who the biggest jerk was: The one with the most Enemies killed + highest taken damage.

You guys are turning this into “enemy killed” stat topic… I’m just saying that we should reward the group for killing mobs because i feel they’re just walking waste of time considering the fact that what grants point is getting the job done no matter what. So you deal with mobs but you’re only reward is: “yes i’ve completed the mission”. I’m not talking about stats i’m only saying that actually mobs are waste of time. So i know they are supposed to because the game work that way, but in my opinion XP or loot for killing things (with balance obviously, this should give bonus be more important than ending the mission) should feel more fair. But still it’s my opinion and i’m not saying anything about the game’s difficulty or the stat showed at the end of the mission.

I think it’s a bad idea because it goes against the concept of stormvermin/chaos patrols. Everyone’s going to want to charge in and possibly get the group wiped for some bonus XP instead of sneaking around them like the design intends. Fighting them should only ever be a bad thing, unless your group plays perfectly.

So yeah people will tend to make mistakes, what’s the problem ? If you’re good enough it’s bonus if you’re not you have to be carefull. And again if well balanced it should not be worth the risk to face patrolls. But still i just want xp or bonus loot for killing things not a change that will break the objectives of the game or the game design. I trust that devs can add experience or bonus loot without this being complete gamebreaker.

Edit: and we could also have bonus for combat avoidance. So that sneaky players get reward for safer playstyle.

I guess I just don’t see the point, it promotes harmful playstyles like aggroing patrols and standing around for extra hordes, and is just trying to do the same thing as a system already in the game (tome/grimoires are how you get more loot/xp at the cost of increased difficulty). and wouldn’t it be even more pointless if you also got XP for being sneaky? The point of the game is to get your job done and get out alive, fighting already has the reward of “the thing trying to kill you and prevent you from completing the level and getting the end rewards is now dead”.

This “feedback” makes no sense in the grand scheme of the game. I think you might be better off playing a different game entirely.

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